That’s a Wrap!

So yesterday ended my 31 days series hosted by The Nester.

I posted on October 1st about my decision to do a “Twin Treats” post every day for the month of October. While I didn’t do it each day, I sometimes doubled, I really enjoyed doing them!

For the first year of the babies’ lives, I tried to do a weekly post about what they were up to. I called it none other than, “Twin Treats.” I just wanted to….
journal their weeks, development, etc. I kind of started slacking, but still blogging pics and chatter. I thought for the month of October I would do it on a daily basis. Our days aren’t all too exciting, but we like them :) To journal is one of the main reasons I have this blog. It’s why I started it. I journal my life and it happens to be through a blog. Knox & Sloane are my daily life. Of course there are tons of other things I like to journal, so I guess that’s how I ended up with 47 posts for October. That seems kind of crazy now that I see that number, but I guess that proves I am quite random and I enjoy blogging. So, while I can happily blog about my little loves everyday, I still enjoy blogging about other things, too. I’m kind of surprised people don’t get bored with me and my posts!

If you are here, I’m glad you are here! If you are new, welcome :) I’m going to continue to blog, have lots of grammar mistakes, be random, probably post too many pictures and maybe do a “Twin Treats” post each week.

A glimpse into the month.

I can’t believe October has come and gone. I’ve looked at my Halloween post probably five times and it still melts my heart to see Knox & Sloane in their little costumes.

Though it’s quite impossible to really pick one, these might be mine & Brent’s favorite picture of each this month :) Funny little hams.

It’s also time to wrap up the Halloween goodies.

I honestly didn’t end up putting much out. These were pretty roses for my mom’s birthday when she was staying here after my surgery.

I hope you all had a good week!

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    Hey Megan! My name is Katie and Ive never commented before but I LOVE your blog and your babies are sooo beautiful! I have one daughter myself and she is my world so I love that you post about your kids so much! Recently i have been dealing with some of the same health issues you have been dealing with. Just last friday I had some blood drawn to check for celiacs and while I was talking to the doctor she suggested I have a Hida scan done to check gall bladder function. I think I read that you had this done…? My question is what should I expect from it? I dont go to doctors very often and Im extremely anxious about this test. Keep up the good work and God Bless!!

  2. says

    Your blog is one of the first i check when i get on the computer, i love seeing pictures of the Twins, i feel like they hold a special place in my heart, they are super sweet.
    Thanks for always posting pictures being your self and being honest about your life.

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    Such sweet pictures and such cute twins! I have followed you for some time now and love all the pics you post! I even showed off the one outfit Sloane was wearing with her polka dots…I am not usually one to like monogrammed outfits, but that one was so cute with her shoes and all! Keep posting!

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    I don't post much (I am a blog creeper) but I have loved your 31 days of twin treats. It is nice to know what other SHMs are doing throughout the day for random ideas. I also love watching your kiddos grow because they are 6 weeks older than my girls and it is fun to watch upcoming milestones. =) I don't think you COULD post too many pictures!! They are adorable!

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