Thankful for Advice

Looking back, my pediatrician and OB both gave me great pieces of advice when it came to my pregnancy and having twin babies.
I’m pretty certain my OB said, “You can do this.” I really don’t remember if he was referring to carrying two babies, birthing two babies or raising two babies. Nonethless, I believed him. He had a set of twins himself. From that point on, if I was aching while being pregnant or thinking about all the diapers we would need to buy, I would think I can do this. Even still, if the babies are both being super fussy or being very demanding, I’ll tell myself, I can do this.

I think this was probably a day that I was wondering how much longer I could carry them….
. It was August 5th and they were born on the 19th. I told myself I could do it.

I can do this and I have! Sometimes I think that just telling yourself a positive notion or saying a prayer can really just turn your whole thought process around. I also think about all the people out there that do it! There are moms with way more kids than me and moms that have kids the same age as me. I think twins were a piece of cake until they became mobile. Now, having two the same age that are running around and don’t understand what I’m saying…well pretending they don’t understand, that makes things a bit trickier! That may be the only difference in not having two kids that are two different ages. One is usually older and can understand more while the younger one doesn’t. When I think that, though, I think, I can do this.

As for the Pediatrician, I remember him telling me, “All kids are different.” While I knew that, that also stuck with me. Even though I had twins, they are different. They were different when they were born; they were different when they came home; they were/are different than other babies. So, when I would ask another mom if their baby had done such and such, I knew there was a chance they had, but I knew there was a chance they hadn’t because all babies were different.

It’s important to me that my doctor thinks of my kids as different from any other kid. All kids should get individual attention at the doctor’s office as well as at home. The same as comparing other kiddos. I know there are mommy wars out there and while they are silly, I know it’s hard not to brag about your kid. It’s human nature. When I hear it or even accidentally take part, I just step back and think all kids are different. Sometimes it takes just that phrase to realize not all kids will walk, talk, eat and run the race at the same time in life!

All kids are different and I can do this :)

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    how did you get rid of all your baby weight! i am seriously so jealous-i have 6 month old twins and although i have lost most of the weight i still just cringe when i look in the mirror! you look soooo good and i am just wondering if you have any tips…obviously i dont have a lot of time for the gym, etc… IF you get time…i know how busy life is-trust me!

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    Its so true about each and every kid being so different. I have four under the age of 5 and although with each one I went in thinking 'Well, this is how it went with…,' but quick enough I'd find that what worked for my oldest didn't work for my current youngest. I try so hard to stay out of the 'My baby is doing this and he/she is only…' I hate feeling like its a race. My cousin and his wife have a baby that's a month older then my baby and she is always comparing & bragging about what her baby's doing. For a while it made me think 'Is there something wrong with my son?' Then I took a step back and had to remind myself that my son wasn't anything like her daughter, so it shouldn't matter who crawled first. My son would do his milestones when he was good and ready. I love reading your blog, Megan, you often make me feel so much better about being a mom. Thank you!

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