Meet Margo & Todd

Aren't they cute?.......

I found some cute buys at Hobby Lobby this year! I had intended to put these two on my kitchen island, but I decided to do a tree since I wasn't doing a floor one in that room. I'll post a few other things I got soon as well as the kitchen sweets tree :)

I love Christmas!!!


  1. Is this a play on Christmas vacation? You know...

    "Why's the carpet all wet Todd?"

    "I don't know Margot!"

    They're super cute!

  2. I love that their names are Todd and Margo, also! That convo posted above went through my head right away as soon as I read the title! :)

  3. We have two drummer boys that look similar to these (size & material). My girls are obsessed with them & they each carry one around all day now!

  4. What a great find! Hobby Lobby has the best holiday decorations!!

  5. Love their names - great CV reference. Also LOOOOOOVE Hobby Lobby (and their nearly constant 40% off coupons). Newly following (stalking?) here, I'm expecting twins in May 2013. And rumor has it you're from T-town, even more reason for me to follow you! I'm in the 'burbs!


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