Little Turkeys :)

We have lots of cute little turkey outfits to wear in the next week or so :) The one below is from Zulily and the brand is BeeHave. I LOVE Zulily. If you aren’t a member, join now! You can get a $10 credit if you sign up HERE from now until November 16th!

Yesterday Knox & Sloane had their flu shots. We first met…..
our friend Kristen and her little guy Saxon for lunch, as well as my mom. It was fun! Knox did great with his shot, but Sloane did not. Bless her heart. She cried once last night and once this morning when she saw Knox’s bandaid on his leg.

My attempt to snap a pic leaving for the doctor. Chasing two still-a-bit-unsteady babies and loading them in the car…not too easy. 
These crack me up. Sloane stuck her hand in a bag of potato chips and you can tell she wasn’t sure about it, but she ate a small one. 
I’m typically a little hesitant to let them play on toys at the doctor’s office, but they were so restless, I just said forget germs. They are inevitable, so they had fun playing. 
Knox only cried for a second after his shot and then was all smiles. I think it really scared Sloane, but she was not a happy camper! Thankfully my mom was there to hold her while I corralled Knox back into his clothes and the stroller. I love how he crosses his feet in his car seat. 
We played outside in the afternoon and I attempted to get a picture of them by the pumpkins before we get rid of them. Sloane was all about it, but Knox pretty much took off running. 

His little outfit got hung on it’s diaper…I sized down for him so it was a bit short in the stride, but still adorable :)

Sloane has two new faces. The one below means “help me!”… she wanted that bag of ornaments opened. 
This one is kisses, haha! 
Happy Thursday!


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    oh my goodness, adorable!!! and i was hesitant to let my daughter play on the toys at the dr's office too. i now carry clorox wipes and wipe them down and then let her play. especially at well visits when i don't want her to catch anything. i'm sure i'm talked about in the circle of normal mom's, but i'm ok with it :o)

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    Knox and Sloane's turkey outfits are so cute! I'm always a bit weary of letting my kids play with the toys at the doctor's office b/c of all the germs even in the "well baby" area, but it's hard telling the kids to play with toys we bring from home when there's something "new" in the room. Btw, LOVE Sloane's kissy face! So adorable!

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    Love the sweet little turkey outfits AND Sloane's two new faces, absolutely adorable! I'm a little 'weird' about germs now as it is, I'm sure I'll be a crazy mom 😉

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    Haha!! I show your blog to my 2 yr old to see your babies (which she loves)! When she saw the kiss lips she yells… Oh Kiss!! And blew Salone a kiss!! She has at least 1 baby fan :0)

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