Halloween 2012

I hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

We had a busy little day. Knox & Sloane weren’t too interested in napping. I think they were just anticipating their first time trick-or-treating. Luckily, they didn’t fall asleep in their wagon, though I think they came close! They really loved seeing kids dressed in costumes….which is why they are only looking at the camera in the first picture 😉

I forgot about these little Halloween outfits so I put them in them yesterday. Sloane wasn’t the least bit thrilled. Her dress slowed her down from throwing her toys and snacks on the ground. She was being a turkey. Then, she heard my phone ring and begged me to see it. I obliged thinking it would give me a still shot :)

My loves……

This is how she really felt…..
She just looked so cute in the dress…
This little guy…he just melts my heart. He’s so sweet. 
I love his little reflection in the window….

I keep thinking the are going to get more curls, but so far, not really! Working with what we have, though :)

Speaking of farm animals, both kiddos did a sound today! Sloane barked and Knox moo’ed…after me saying, “what sound does a ____ make?” So cute. Then, Sloane heard a dog while were were trick-or-treating and she started making her barking noise. Pretty funny.

I’m going to count this as day 30 & 31 for the 31 days of Twin Treats :)


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    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I was checking into my blog since I hadn't in a couple of months and the first thing I see when I sign on is your children's beautiful faces, complimented by a chicken and cow.. Very Cute!!!!

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    Very cute pictures :) I have to mention though…you have so many ads on your page, including a pop up that always appears, that it's not enjoyable to read it. In fact, I often just glance quickly vs. actually reading through, because I dread the eye sore of all the advertisements.

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      Thanks, Jessica! :)

      As for the ads, I'm sorry they are hard on your eyes! They really help our family and my readers so I like to refer to them as a blessing. They aren't printed in my blog books, so I try to just focus on what I post :)

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    Hi Megan! I was going to try to e-mail, but can't seem to find it! I just wanted to check with you to see if you were, by any chance, interested in selling Knox's cow costume :) I have been on the hunt for a cute one, and just remembered that Knox dressed up as one last year. Thanks!!!

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