Great Gift Option!

I know there are people out there that like doing laundry. I’m not really one of them.

One thing I dislike most about laundry? SOCKS..

Brent must have 100 pairs. Why do I hate them? It’s hard to…..
match them! It’s probably hard because he has so many, but nonetheless, it annoys me and takes up too much time. I know, complaining, sorry. Really though, it’s like his dress socks are almost a match, but they all vary by a tiny line.

Think about it, if socks have patterns they are much easier to match!

So, I vowed this Christmas to gift Brent lots of socks. Socks with patterns. EASY-TO-MATCH socks!  He might even get a sock tree!

I know when I see a man in patterned socks, I always think it’s kind of fun. Brent is fun, yes.

This doesn’t really solve my problem with white socks, but the next step for those is to take all his current white socks to Goodwill and then buy new ones. The new ones will ALL BE THE SAME.

I know lots of places carry patterned socks. I picked these up at Target for a good price.

Happy Shopping!….. and happy laundry :)


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    I hear you! We have a 16 y/o son,too, so I have to differentiate betw the two. Different brands totally helps. Also, socks with colored toes or heels helps, esp if white. I've gotten to where I gather all my husband's laundry and set it on his dresser and let HIM figure it out!

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    I hate folding socks too. I just went thru all of my daughters and got rid of the one were the match ran away. I wish I knew where they all went. I love the idea of having all the socks with a design.

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    I've been married for 22 years and I have to say the biggest thing that still bothers him is this darn sock thing. For Christmas I bought him a bunch from J Crew that had big pictures on them like lobsters and crabs and I still can't get it right! Angway, I have been following your blog for a long time. So happy about your twins and see how happy you are. All the best.

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    Buy a mesh bag and put it next to the dirty clothes hamper. All the dirty socks go in the mesh bag, zip it up and put in the washing machine. No lost socks and they are all kept together!

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    How about buying all of the exact same socks so you don't even have to match them, they are all the SAME!! Brilliant, no?
    Socks are so annoying! Or maybe you can just throw all of his socks loose in the sock drawer and he can play the sock matching game every morning 😉

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    I just laughed right out loud, now how do I get the hubs to wear patterned socks? That is the question lol?!?! What a fun post! Hey go take a looky at my Extreme Sunshine Giveaway you will likey pinky promise! xoxo Sums

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