Fall First

I’m not going to lie, when I saw pictures of Christmas trees going up the weekend after Halloween, I was a little shocked. We’ve always done ours right after Thanksgiving.

However, at our last house, Brent had to bring the Christmas decor out down from the attic, which meant he had to squeeze a lot of stuff through like a 3×3 opening. When I say a lot, it really was. When it was time to put it up, he often commented he felt like he just pulled it down. I typically felt bad, although he refused to let me do it myself.

So, fast forward this year and people start decorating early. Why not enjoy it longer? I think you can celebrate Thankgiving with your tree up. I think fall and Christmas mixed are pretty! As long as we don’t overlook Thanksgiving in it’s entirety, I don’t think it matters what kind of decor you have up! To each their own.

With that being said, we aren’t hosting our families’ Thanksgiving celebration. We will actually be gone most of the week, hundreds of miles away from our home. For you creepers that I fear are out there, we do have a big & scary housesitter. He’s awesome and he doesn’t care what kind of decor I have up :)

I did have fall around the house in October and while I wasn’t sure we’d have fall foliage, we actually have a ton around our house. We are on about an acre and all of the trees ended up being beautiful. When I went to Arkansas, it made me miss that, but we weren’t in this house last fall so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Literally the week I got back from my trip, our leaves and trees began to change. So while I am putting out Christmas decor and putting up fall, I’ve still really enjoyed our fall!

From our kitchen/breakfast area window…yesterday…..

LOVE. The sun coming through. I felt like it was a sign from God saying soak this beauty up!

This is what I see when I open the back door off the kitchen. I snapped a pic four different times over the past week…

Trees in front yard…

Seeing all this for our first fall in this house made me love it all the more!

I did pick up a pretty new, fall wreath at Hobby Lobby on Monday. They already had all their fall stuff 80% off! So, this was originally $150 and I got it for just over $30. Pretty good deal!

Happy Fall and welcome winter! We’ve had freezes almost every day this week!

I’ve picked up a few new Christmas items that I’ll be sharing soon! :)

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    Megan-the views of those gorgeous trees are the epitome of fall- i love it!! And i totally am with you on enjoying the spirit of the holidays as long as possible! We decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving and leave everything up until Julianna's birthday (1/21) haha :) xoxo

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    Love everything– looks so pretty. Those fall leaves are amazing. What the heck Sugar Land, Texas?! Do you NOT know about seasons?? :) And… that chevron tray. I NEED IT. You find the greatest finds. Can't wait to see your Christmas stuff come together– after the sneak peek I got yesterday, I know I'm going to love it.

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    Man, you have a great fall view out your back door…sure wish my backyard looked like that! Right now, it's a parking lot…literally! :)

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