Dear Santa,

We are really eyeing these things…

We think this kitchen would allow us to help mommy cook dinner. Isn’t it cute??

We like both this trike….

and these cars…..

We can’t decide if we want one of each or two of each. Just use your best judgement :)

We promise we’ve been good this year!!

We love you, Santa!

xoxo, Knox & Sloane :)

*Thank you all for the sweet words on my previous post! We hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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    We have the same kitchen & it's great! My mil got t for us on zulily so keep an eye out & maybe they'll have a special again. It comes in red and pink too:) The twins are adorable & will love the kitchen.

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    Just a suggestion on trikes. We have the Smartrike brand and a number of friends do as well and it's the best!! Very sturdy with great child harness' for when you need them. Storage baskets and bags and cup holders. We got ours at toys r us.

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    We have the exact same kitchen, only in red. It is the best. My kiddos play with it all the time….Santa should most definitely bring that for them this year :)

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    Our son got a cozy coupe for his birthday and LOVES it. Everytime we babysit a friends little girl they end up fighting over it. I would definitely got for a car each. Happy shopping!

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    How cute I just know Santa is listening Knox and Sloane! Girl that retro Kitchen will be a hit for sure! I love that trike and I will tell you the coupe cars are a hit Kelcee road hers til last year when she out grew it lol! I think you should so get two of those because they will use them so much! Summer

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    I hope Santa decides to bring one kitchen and TWO Cozy Coupes! They will each want and use their own! They are a total hit! The trikes look super fun as well. Santa will be busy but Knox and Sloane will love what he brings!

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    We have twins. They have two trikes and one cozy coupe. Our cozy coupe has a wagon attachment so they can both ride and they take turns really well. They take up a lot of room and fade really bad if they are left outside. They have several other riding toys so the coupe is not necessarily the most popular with mine!

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    I just saw on Baby Cheapskate that the Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen Play Set is going to be $105.99 sometime this week online at Target. Actually, it looks like most of the KidKraft kitchens are on sale this week at Target. We bought our little one, who is a few weeks older than your twins, a pink vintage one off a flash sale at amazon a few weeks ago. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas to give it to her!!

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