Baby’s First Christmas

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So you are about to experience holidays with a newborn! Perhaps Thanksgiving and Christmas. This may be the first time for many of your family members to meet your baby and maybe the first time your in-laws celebrate the festive time with their grandchild.

Don’t worry, it will all go smoothly!

I think the first worry can often be splitting the time. Hopefully…..
, most families will understand that your new baby will need to see everyone. In other words, they should understand if you have multiple obligations. It’s very rare that everyone can be in one place at one time, but it does happen, which I’m sure can be nice! Just let them know you and your little one are extremely excited to see everyone and will hopefully find time to do so.

I think the older your baby gets, maybe the more tricky it can get. I’ve not experienced that before. I do know that when I was young, I remember waking up at my grandparents house. I loved it. We traveled across the state to be there on Christmas morning. The older we got, we started staying home. It was nice to be at home, but it was wonderful to have those memories of when I was much younger.

I just want Knox and Sloane to be happy wherever they are. I also want them to know all of our family. So, I want to make adjustments and arrangements where they enjoy their holidays and get to know their loved ones. In my head, I have visions of us waking up in our home on Christmas morning. I can’t say we won’t ever travel on Christmas, but thankfully most of our family is here and those that aren’t, we will be traveling to see during the year.

I think my greatest advice, which I know I kind of harp on, enjoy all the moments! Holidays can get so hectic that they can become stressful, but hopefully that doesn’t happen to any of us!

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    I enjoy reading your blog and about your little twins. They're so cute! I just had twins on Sept 1st and feeling a little overwhelmed. It's nice to see others who've survived! :)

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    Knox and Sloane looked so cute in their matching footsie pajamas and hat last year! I've got a 3 year old and an 18 month old. For my son's first Xmas (he was 3.5 months old) we went out of state to visit my in laws. After that, we decided that we would spend Christmas in our own house each year and start our own Xmas morning traditions. But we would alternate Thanksgiving between the 2 sets of families.

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    Our girls are now 3 and 5 and the holidays remain stressful in the sense of everyone wanting a piece of the kids yet us wanting to have our own traditions here at home. We have parents and step parents and with so many different groups there are just so many visits to plan. Our family is all about 1-2 hrs away…not super close, not super far…we try to have them all come here, because we find that makes everything easier on us and they get to spend more time with our girls instead of us having them spend a quarter of the day on the road.

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