Baby Sleeping

I’ve recently had a request for baby eating, too, so I’ll be doing a post on that soon! This post is on baby sleeping and I did it as part of the Huggies series! 

I think the only advice I can give on getting your baby to sleep…..
would be to start a schedule early.
I’ve blogged several times about this. When Knox & Sloane were two weeks old, Laura from Moms On Call came to visit us. I probably can’t list all the experience and qualifications she has, but the lady knows what she is doing. She’s brillant.
At two weeks old, Knox & Sloane didn’t have a schedule yet. We were just doing on-demand everything. We did things back to back. If one ate, the other ate. I wasn’t nursing at the same time yet since they were so little. Laura had twins so she was able to give me amazing pointers on getting them on a schedule together.
Since everything was just kind of on-the-fly for the first few weeks, Knox & Sloane really didn’t have any adjustments to make. They had been waking up every 2-3 hours to eat and the more they started eating, they started sleeping a bit longer in between. Most newborns spend most of their time sleeping.
So, in comes Laura at two weeks. She goes over lots of things with us including soothing methods. Since Knox & Sloane were nursing and gaining weight good, the doctor said we could certainly stretch feedings. Of course the first ones that came to mind were the middle of the night ones.
Laura showed us the soothing methods when the babies woke during the night. We did them. They worked. If they woke up again, we’d try another one. If they woke a few times, I fed. Every night they went a little longer. Then, we decided to do a bottle at bedtime. This way, we could guarantee their little bellies were getting full. The fuller they are, the more likely they are to be content sleeping 
Doing the bedtime bottle made a BIG difference. We could tell if they wanted more if they drained their bottle. Then, I would just pump. By the evening, that’s when my milk supply was typically lowest after a busy day.
For naps, we went with play hard, rest hard. If we did lots of interaction, tummy time, etc., they were sleepy and ready for a nap when the time came.
People have asked me my thoughts on “cry it out,” but honestly, I think that’s your call. I never felt like we really had to cry it out because they caught on to stretching things out. We didn’t really change any routine on them because they hadn’t developed one yet. So, that’s where I say “start early” as far as getting a good setting for your little one to sleep. Very dark room, tight swaddle, sound machine, full belly and lots of love. It worked great for us! :)

This picture makes my heart want to explode! 

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    That photo is just too sweet. I think it helps with the twins I would think since they feel like they have each other if you are not right there, maybe? It's just too cute. I love it.

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    So excited that in a few weeks I'll be swaddling a newborn again and nursing! I want to watch the Moms on Calls newborn stuff this time…I feel like I've forgotten!

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    I love how you told what worked for you, but also recognized the need for the reader to make the call, too. I have a son who is 10, and 8-year-old twins. If I've learned anything, it's that you have to do what works best for your family and for your children as individuals. There is no manual. Just be open to great advice (like you gave above!) and tweak it until it fits! Thanks for the post!

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