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I was getting ready to sit down and blog to share some random things I’ve purchased lately and I remembered I needed to run the mail out to the box for pick up. In my stack of mail was an envelope for a local food bank. I sent them a check and they left me with this…..

While I love shopping, finding good deals and sharing things with you all, I’m also extremely thankful that I have money for our family and for others.

I’m not one that typically blogs about money, donating, etc., but we do like to help others. It’s one of those things that isn’t always top of mind, but sometimes all it takes is a letter from your local food bank or a bag on the porch for can goods…..maybe even a blog post. Getting a letter from our food bank made me think about Thanksgiving, meals and thankfulness.

At our community food bank, $40 can provide 200 meals. TWO HUNDRED meals. That’s a lot.

I think about that and I think, geez, I can spend $200 at the store and not even have 10 meals. Actually, when I think about it, I know our extended family will probably spend double that for our Thanksgiving feast and we won’t even be feeding close to 200 meals.

There are people out there that are struggling in ways we all could never imagine. They are hanging on by a thread.

I’m thankful for all of my many blessings and for the fact I know I can have a hot meal everyday, multiple times a day. I encourage you to count your blessings this month and allow someone the opportunity to be thankful for your generous heart.


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    Great post. We have two children in Africa we sponsor through World Vision and at times it can be tempting to stop so we aren't scraping for change. But how could I ever stop? That money is what keeps those families from starving and provides many of their needs. I could never rationalize spending money on something like Starbucks if we didn't continue our donation. What a blessing it is to give. And every bit counts! Even one donated can to a food bank is better than nothing. Thanks for a reminder of our many blessings- material and spiritual! Now- I wonder how they get 200 meals out of $40 because I'm quite interested in that haha.

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    So thoughtful…thanks for sharing. I try to always be mindful of my blessings in life on a daily basis. This time of year especially though, I share the same sentiments as you and try to donate to help those less fortunate. I love your spin on it though….It isn't just about giving, but allowing others to be thankful for the generosity they've received.

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    What a great post to help put things in perspective, remind me to be thankful for all that I have, and to give back to those who are not as fortunate!

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