15 Months :)

Knox & Sloane turned 15 months old yesterday!

Times flies, we have definitely established that! I don’t like it whatsoever :(

They’ve now experienced their second Halloween. That’s crazy, too. So now, they are doing seconds, but yet still firsts. This year they love Christmas music and the lights, but last year, they didn’t pay quite as much attention.

Back to Halloween. Last year, they were just barely up and moving. In fact Knox was trying to roll over when I was taking their pictures.

Here they are this year and my how things have changed!

Yesterday they didn’t want to nap too much, but were very ready for bed. I left Brent to do bedtime so I could run to AT&T and the store. These kids seriously love going to bed. They are both saying “nigh nigh” when we asked if they are tired or sleepy.

I’m having the hardest time getting a picture of them both looking at the camera. It’s much easier to snap one when they aren’t looking :) They were playing with random toys….and ya know, measuring spoons yesterday while I snapped this!

I also took some sweet pics of them on Saturday, before going to a birthday party. However, same thing…impossible to get one of them together ….for the most part. You can tell as soon as they get out the door, they want to start running! Sloane wasn’t having her bow, so I put it on a headband. She typically does good with it when she won’t leave just the bow in her hair. Turkey!

I attempted a pic with Sloane, but she wanted to look everywhere except the camera 😉

my boys :)

They are both starting to talk so much! The dancing is still so funny, especially Sloane. I have GOT to get her on camera shaking her hips. Funniest thing ever! She also throws her arms up and points while she dances. It’s great.

They are obsessed with Barney.

They are loving food lately.

Still sleeping 7-7.

Pointing to eyes, ears, teeth, nose & hair.

They love brushing their teeth.

Saying sounds for cow, clock, dog, duck & car.

Lots of vrooming and moo’ing going on around here :)

Saying all kinds of words. I love that I know what they are trying to say even if it’s kind of hard to make out!

They’ve learned to go up the stairs, but not down them.

Lots of fun :)


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    I feel your pain on getting a pic of the twins together. Our twins just turned a year old, and we did family pictures. It was not easy to get one of just the twins together. They were fine in group pics though!

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    Their Thanksgiving outfits are too cute! I have a hard time getting good pics of my kids too and they are 3 yrs old and 18 mod – either someone's not looking at the camera or the other isn't smiling. My little girl loves to dance too – especially to the "hotdog song" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

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