Sweet Fall Dress!

*I posted day 8 of 31 days of Twin Treats earlier. It may be one of my favorites :)
One of my sponsors, Mar-L’s Tams & Togs, recently sent Sloane the cutest little fall dess! I think it is ADORABLE! Sloane loved, it as well :) I posted a pic of it yesterday and here are the rest. 
The dress actually has ties at the shoulders, which you can see here, but I decided to put a little shirt under it since we were having a cool day here, so you can’t really see the straps in my pictures.
I think this dress can be worn for both October and November….with a shirt or without and the same with tights! Heck, if she is a slender tot, she might could even wear it as a shirt next fall :)
You may remember Knox & Sloane’s other Mar-L’s outfits that I posted here. All so very cute! 
The first few pics I snapped with my iPhone. The rest I took with my bigger family. I could only get her to look at me for a few. The girl is ON THE MOVE. No, she’s not sticking her finger in a socket…their are plugs in them, ha! Yes, I did give her a comb and bottles of sprinkles to play in hopes of getting her to sit/stand still for a few seconds, haha. 

Thanks to Mar-L’s for the super cute dress for miss Sloane! :) 
If you are interested in ordering this dress, Mar-L’s wanted me to let you know they will work VERY hard to get it made and shipped out very promptly so that your little one will have plenty of time to wear :) 
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  1. says

    that DRESS and Miss Sloane are adorable!

    Can I ask where you got the seats attched to your bar? I think I spy them in a picture at least!

    Next baby I think I would Love to have something like that! Just wondering what brand it is and if you like it!

  2. says

    That is absolutely ADORABLE!! I'm definitely going to check out their Etsy shop now too :)

    PS- I LOVE the name Sloane, I grew up with a girl with that name… but have never heard it since. Too cute!!

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