Rugs & Hats

I meant to post this a few weeks ago Sorry! I’ve had lots of people ask about these hats Knox and Sloane wore on Saturday and the rug in also in this post….and a few pics on Instagram.

Here are the details!

Overstock is AWESOME.

The rug can be found HERE. I love Moroccan Trellis. I have the light green.

A few people have also emailed about a rug I posted a while back. I got it on flash sale at One Kings Lane, but Overstock has it  here.

My master bathroom rug is also from overstock here.

So yeah, Overstock is great for rugs!

The kiddos hats. I ordered them last fall and I honestly cannot remember WHERE I ordered them from!

The brand is MJK Knits. I loved the idea of a personalized knit hat, so when I saw them, I ordered. Last winter, Knox & Sloane were still too tiny to wear so this year, they fit perfectly!

I just Googled and it appears as though quite a few online sites carry them. Here is the MJK Knits site. Saks was the first retailer to pop up and they appear to be on sale.


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