Peace out, gallbladder

I’m glad most of the comments on Thursday’s gallbladder post gave me reassurance that I would feel SO much better soon. There are one or two I could have done without that scared me, but all comments welcome, of course :

So, I didn’t bounce back up like I hoped I would today. Shocker, haha. My luck is apparently not the greatest. I didn’t sleep last night because I was so uncomfortable. I thought surely my pain pills would help. I’m not a huge fan of pain pills, and I really would like not to feel pain when I’m taking them. That’s not too much to ask, no? haha. Okay, I promise I’m not just going to complain until I’m 100% well. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and things could obviously be much worse. Again, I’m just glad to have this all figured out and be on the road to being 100% healthy!…..

I do feel like some of the gas is exiting. Yesterday, I felt like I had a baby belly, haha. I’m not feeling it in my shoulders and such anymore. So, that’s a plus. My mom did make a good point. Since I have had a laparoscopic surgery before (3 1/2 years ago,) I had scar tissue. The biggest instrument that goes in goes in through the belly button. Since my stomach has grown three humans in the past two years, also scar tissue. She’s a retired surgical nurse and she went on to give me further details about how that makes things a bit tricker, thus making sense of some of this pain. ick. I could never be a nurse.

Anyways! I’m just taking it easy today. Hanging in bed and walking around the house. Brent took Knox to one of our nephew’s football games, so that will be a nice outing for them. My mom and cousin took Sloane to the grocery store with them, so nice girl time for them.

I’m craving tortilla soup, salmon and salt & vinegar potato chips. Random, I know. The doctor told me to only do liquids yesterday and I have yet to eat any food today, so we will see how that goes.

My mom did put MiraLax in some almond milk…with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, ha! TMI? She said I would need it.

This is my current setup.. oh, and the green cup has a built in straw. Is it weird that I think that’s cool? Ballard Designs, I want everything. I wish I wouldn’t have even looked. My cousin, Emma, sent me a gluten free cookbook and I’m marking recipes. Thank you, Emma! I still have a few thank you notes to get out from the babies’ party. I know, running behind, per usual : /

I took these pictures yesterday. I was bored. No makeup, no hair brushing and pumped with gas. Just keeping it real. A few people asked about incisions. Here they are. I don’t take the bandaids off until tonight, but the nurse said to wash areas and put fresh ones back on.

Yikes, yes!

So there you have it. Gallbladder removal in all it’s glory, haha!

Thank you all, again, for the well wishes and prayers.

I know, you are probably thinking you wasted your time reading this post. Hopefully I’ll return later with more exciting things….like adorable babies for day 13..and maybe some fun weekly buys tomorrow. I also want to get back to midweek randoms. Those random thoughts didn’t just stop 😉

Have a good day!


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    This post wasn't a waste of time at all! Hope you are feeling better soon! Glad you have lots of good help to take care of your adorable babies.

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    1st time commenting on your blog! A good gluten free cookbook is called "Gluten Free on a Shoestring." I think that's what it's called, my Mom has that one and gave another copy to my brother for Christmas last year, she got it from Amazon.


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    I'm glad you have your mama and your hubby to watch over your precious babies. Get some rest and take it easy so you can feel better soon and get back to snuggling knox and sloane! =)

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    I hope you're back up and running soon! I had mine removed last August and I spent about a week relaxing in bed thanks to my awesome caretakers! I probably could have been up after 4 days or so comfortably.

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    Hey, we'll have matching scars!! Mine have mostly gone away except for the at the top of my stomach because it was the biggest. Not too bad though. When I had my gallbladder removed, the gas part was definitely the worst! Once that goes away, it should be pretty smooth sailing (mostly.) I was back to work in a week after the surgery, so hopefully you recover quickly. Get feeling better soon!

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    I'm so glad it's behind you and now all you have to do is rest and heal.

    I saw the comments you were referring to from your surgery post and they made me annoyed. Just what people going into an unknown situation need: scary "what can happen"s! Ugh. Made me a little mad for you.

    I am praying for a quick recovery for you and am very hopeful that you will be feeling so much better than before the surgery!

    God bless!! :))

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    Do you think you can share sometime about why you've chosen gluten-free? I'm just curious why people do it (unless a medical necessity). Unless, maybe you've shared before and I just missed it. :)

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    I hope you get better soon. I had mine out after a laposcropic or two surgery, several deliveries and a few other surgeries in the abdomen.. Oh it was a piece of cake (so to write in comparison to the others). However, my incisions didn't look as beautiful as yours. I seriously had huge wraps. But I'm the only person I have met that that the gallbladder was an easy surgery..even my dr thought I was crazy as he had a super rough time. But my next lapo surgery after that was horrid…once again so to write. Don't know why I'm sharing except, I think our bodies know what they can handle and when we need rest. Rest up! But I don't know ifyou are supposed yous a straw yet, it can cause the gas pain to be worse. I forget, buti remember no straws as I hate drinking without them.

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    I'm also a nurse and here is my tip for the gas….heat up a cup of ginger ale for about 1:30-2 min. Dip a tea bag (we use orange pekoe but you can use any kind) into the warmed ginger ale for 3-5 minutes. The warmth + ginger ale helps to break up the gas!

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    I don't think people meant to "scare" you by posting their experiences! They were just telling their stories and I doubt it's anything that you wouldn't find if you Googled info on the surgery anyway.

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      Thank you. I am one of the ones she's referring to. I didn't mean to scare her. However, when I was facing my surgery, I had heard all these wonderful stories about how people were eating hamburgers and milkshakes the day after surgery. Or were going back to work 2 days later, etc. Not one person told me that for a small percentage of people, it's a horrid surgery with a long recovery. Not even my surgeon. Sadly, I am one of those people. I had a horrid outcome. I wish someone had told me there was a possibility of that outcome. Instead, I went into it thinking I'd be down at most 3-5 days and was down over 6 weeks. My surgical sites required many stitches each, and I had to wear a drain for a week. :( I guess if she only wanted positive experiences, she should have said so. :( I won't be commenting here again.

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      Oh, I'm not upset (Wild) Rice! It was just a bit nerve racking! No worries :) I expect all kinds of comments. I was just worrying and trying to avoid Google. I know people have aLL different kinds of experiences, no matter what the issue is. xo

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