I was hoping....

I was hoping the Betty Crocker brownies wouldn't be so good. Ya'll they are really good. It may have something to do doubling the amount of butter, but nonetheless, you can't tell they are gluten free :)

I was hoping that when we moved out of our last house, that our new house would have a walk in pantry. Cabinet pantries wear me out. Our next house will have one. I don't want to wish this house away, though. I love this house and everyday we are making it more our home....
I was hoping I wouldn't develop anymore allergies with age, but turns out I'm now allergic to the stuff they put on sutures and such to help bandage things up. I had my post-op with my surgeon Monday and I told him I really had a pretty easy recovery minus the fact my skin freaked out. He took one look and said, "you are definitely allergic to benzoin." Lovely.

I was hoping I wouldn't be tempted to by Knox & Sloane anymore fall and winter clothes, but it never ends. There is too much cuteness out there. I can show restrain, but somedays it's hard.

I was hoping Brent would want to have a Twilight marathon with me before the new one comes out in a few weeks. He doesn't seem interested. Any takers?

I was hoping to have a garage sale in October, but somehow it's the last weekend this month. How did that happen. Do people have garage sales in November?

I was hoping I had enough jewelry, but that will never be the case! Very Jane had this cute little set and I HAD to have it. It goes with everything.

I was hoping I would rush out and get another shellac mani after my first one wore off, because my nails always look awful, but I didn't. It was my first mani in probably two years and unless it's for a get together, I hate spending the money on them. However, since I do thing the shellac/gel stuff stays on better, I might try an at-home one I've seen a few people talk about.

I was hoping to get caught-up on Parenthood quickly, but now that we are, I'm sad. I love being able to watch them back-to-back. I love Parenthood. If you aren't watching, start.

I was hoping that gluten free chips wouldn't be so good because now I eat the whole bag. These are amazing!

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Happy Friday :)


  1. That same brand of Betty Crocker GF products has the BEST chocolate chip cookie mix ever!! That line rocks!

  2. Oooh, I will have to try those brownies!

  3. Loooooooooooooooooooooooove Parenthood!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Parenthood is a great show! My husband and I are going to give Homeland a shot. I've heard great things about it.

  5. I'll take you up on the Twilight marathon, ha! And no, you can never ever have enough jewelry.

  6. Their Devil's Food cake is yummy too! As soon as my oven preheats I am making a brownie fruit pizza with that same mix. "I hope" we won't be addicted too!

  7. I'm on the second season of Parenthood. It is one of the most real tv shows I've ever watched. Love it!

  8. You have to try "Food should taste good" brand tortilla chips (GF of course!) The sweet potato tortilla chips are awesome! I too am a sucker for the betty crocker brownies & force myself to only buy them for parties b/c my rear would be the size of a tanker truck if I ate them as often as I'd like to ; )

  9. I am the exact same way!!! I hate after I get caught up on shows & then I have to wait a week or more for the next. :)

  10. I wish we got Parenthood over here - it sounds brill!

  11. Parenthood is seriously our favorite show...of course at this point I also need to grab a box of kleenexes, that show seems to get me every time!

  12. My son is gluten intolerant, and we loved the BC brownies, until.... we tried the King Arthur Flour brand!! I made them for his class last year, and his teachers said they were the best brownies they had ever had! :) And Parenthood is my favorite show! Love it!!

  13. I'm addicted to Betty Crocker. Even though I'm not a baker, when I used her mixes I feel like one. Yay me! lol Her mixes tasted so good.
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  14. I ordered all the shellac nail items to do my own at home. I bought probably 10 polishes, top coat, base coat and the UV dryer. It's so easy and their are you tube videos to show you exactly how to do it. I highly recommend it!!

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