Hectic Holidays!

Another post in the Huggies’ Series! This one is about the holidays with little ones :)

Last year Knox & Sloane were still so young around the holidays. We had them on a schedule by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, but they didn’t get thrown off all too much…..
I think it would have really taken a few days of being completely off schedule for them to have noticed. I could tell when they were tired or hungry so no matter where we were, or what we were doing, I would just try to meet their needs.

Knox and Sloane last December. This picture melts my heart and I remember taking it. Ah! sweet babies.

If you find that you are going to be out with baby consistently past the set bedtime, maybe just bump the time up a bit later. After a few days, they will think it’s the new normal. With Knox & Sloane, we would get them in their jammies before putting them in the car that way, if they fell asleep, we could attempt to just move them from car seat to crib. It didn’t always work, but it was well worth a try.

If you are out and about, oftentimes you can stick to an eating and napping schedule. That was something I kind of stressed about, but typically I was able to feed Knox & Sloane and they were able to get some kind of shut eye when they needed it.

If you do get way off schedule, just know that you can get back to where you were! Don’t stress about it. It’s just a time period and it’s time you won’t ever get back, you know?

Enjoy the moments. If you need to sneak out of a Christmas lunch to put your little one down for a nap, do! If your little one will make it just a little longer, let them.

Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

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    We just started getting lainey on a strict schedule. I was a very on-demand mom for the first 12 months. For the most part, I still pretty much am but we did sleep training so I'm hoping the holidays doesn't mess it up too badly!

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