dinner & a movie

On Friday night, Brent and I went to dinner and a movie :) I had kind of felt locked in the house since my surgery so it was nice to get out for a bit.

I didn't have time to shower earlier in the day so I didn't want to go anywhere nice because I had hat hair after settling for a baseball hat for the grocery store. We just grabbed pizza at a local pizza place, Hideaway. I had heard they had a gluten free crust and I wanted to try. Several people on Twitter and Instagram asked for the recipe, but I didn't make it so no help there! The pizza was really good......

I will say, dining out has been something I was curious about since getting diagnosed with Celiac. I know lots of places have gluten free menus, but I know some of my favorite things aren't gluten. Obviously, I'm learning to adjust, and thankfully, a lot of places are creating gluten free menus. I will be glad, when gluten free crust isn't an additional $3.

We saw Pitch Perfect after and we really thought it was SO funny. We've never watched Glee, but it's kind of what I imagine Glee being like. The whole time I was thinking, if this is what Glee is like then we've been missing out. Brent says he's not sure that it is, but I think I may watch and see. Anyways, it definitely had us laughing the whole movie so if you are wanting some giggles, go see it! I'm going to attach the trailer in case you've not seen!

Yesterday we had a fun day! We went to the pumpkin patch :) I'll post Twin Treats day 20 later on!

Have a good day :)


  1. I haven't seen Perfect Pitch, but LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee!!! You should watch it, but start from season 1. It's SOOO good!

  2. I saw Pitch Perfect this weekend also!! I really liked it! I have watched Glee also and I can tell you that season 1 and season 2 of Glee are great, just like the movie(ish), but season 3 and this season are ok....I saw give it a try if you have the time though. :)

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  3. We are starting the gluten free life on Tuesday. My six year old son had his endoscopy on Friday that confirmed he has celiac disease. We have been collecting gluten free menus from our favorite places. Eating out will be an "adventure"! If you have any yummy gluten free recipes that you have tried, please share!!!

  4. loooooooooove glee! will have to see pitch perfect.

  5. Love Glee and Pitch Perfect is def on my list to go see. :) I agree that Season 1 and 2 are better than 3 and now 4, but I'm still loving it.

  6. if you loved pitch perfect DEFINITELY watch glee!!! i love glee and have the seasons on DVD, it's my favorite show!

  7. Not sure if Pitch Perfect and Glee are alike but you are definitely missing out if you don't watch Glee!! Start from the beginning! I'm obsessed! :)

  8. Dominos Pizza has a gluten free crust that is not a lot more that the regular pizza and my hubby thinks it taste good.

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