31 Days

I’m joining in with the Nester and many other people on her 31 day series.

You can check out everyone who is participating HERE. There are so many wonderful blogs.

If you have been reading for a while, you know I use to do “Twin Treats” post. They were basically just picture dumps and tidbits on what we had been doing that week. I did them on Fridays. They became a bit daunting and it was mostly because of the picture process. To get the pics off my phone…….
I just email them in increments of five. It was kind of a pain. I need to get an uploading routine in place. I then began to wonder if people wanted to see so many pictures of Knox & Sloane and read weekly updates.

Now, looking back, I LOVE those weekly updates. I love reading what they did new each week or funny little stories. I love the pictures. As far as people wanting to see, that shouldn’t matter to me, and I’m not sure it ever did, but it crossed my mind. Of course I like to post things people want to read about, but really, I still can’t even believe people want to read my blog period.

So, I thought for the next 31 days, I would do a Twin Treats post. I’ll still do normal posts, but I just know that one day I’ll look back and want to remember everyday and I might not be able to.

That’s with this blog is to me, a journal. I journal my thoughts, ideas, things I like & don’t like moments and memories. Those are things I treasure. I want Knox & Sloane to read my blog one day and know even more about me. I feel confident that they will know how much I love them, but I have a feeling when they read this blog, they will see it on a whole different level :)

I sometimes think that may grandkids may even read this blog. I’ll make it into a book..or perhaps several, but I assume the “World Wide Web” will always exist.

I want to journal as if I were doing it in a hardback notebook without anyone reading. However, because I do have people reading, of course I want to bring awareness to things. I want to share things. I think God gave me this blog for a reason and he’s shown me that over and over again.

Anyways, feel free to join along, or feel free to skip the “Twin Treats” posts, but they will be here for the next 31 days….at the least 😉 It may be funny things they did, pictures, outfits, toys, etc.

I think maybe I’ll add a link for each post on this post so that will make for easy reference since I’m going to do other posts, too :)

{Thank you to the oh-so-sweet Meredith for making the button :)}

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine
Day Ten
Day Eleven
Day Twelve
Day Thirteen
Day Fourteen
Day Fifteen
Day Sixteen
Day Seventeen
Day Eighteen
Day Nineteen
Day Twenty
Day Twenty-One
Day Twenty-Two
Day Twenty-Three
Day Twenty-Four
Day Twenty-Five


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    I hated the process of blogging pictures from my iPhone as well, until iCloud/Photo Stream came along. I was able to set up iCloud on my PC so now when I take a picture with my iPad or iPhone, it automatically goes to a Photo Stream folder on my laptop… no need for me to hook my phone up to transfer them or email them to myself 5 at a time. With a Mac, just turn on Photo Stream in iPhoto or Aperature! Makes blogging iPhone pictures SO MUCH EASIER!


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    I love the twin treats! So glad you decided share them with us. Thank you for taking the time to blog and share your little corner of the world with us.

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    What a fun idea! My blog started as a way to journal my infertiity treatements, and happily is morphed into a pregnancy blog and now it's all abotu my twins…I love finding other twin mom blogs!

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    I love tein treats posts – they always make me smile, despite what is going on in my life. Babies and puppies – that is what I need to see and read about right now instead of thinkinging about my son.

    I look forward to them Megan – your babies have grown so much.


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    If you're not into the iCloud, thing then consider getting Dropbox. It's great! I have it on my computer and on my phone and have it set that everytime I plug my phone into the computer it will drop them onto a folder in my dropbox, don't have to do a thing!

    And we all love K & S! and C! and E!

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