31 Days of Twin Treats: Days 23 & 24

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Day 23 & 24 of this month were fun. Sweet little twin treats in my life :)

They have really been jabbering SO much this week! They've also been in good moods. Last week....
I kept thinking they were grumpy when my mom and cousin were here helping, but I think it was teething and just the fact that I wasn't around as much.

They are chasing each other a lot this week and dancing! They love to dance. I don't care if it's my phone ringing or one of their toys going off, they immediately start shaking their hips. It's quite funny.

I posted that we played with pumpkins on Saturday and then on Tuesday, we went back to the actual pumpkin patch in hopes of it being less crowded. There were a lot less people there so Knox & Sloane were able to run around and play. We also put them in their costumes, which was hilarious. We are pretty sure they knew they were looking super cute because they really hammed it up. Our friend, Claire, came and took pictures and I know they will be so fun!

I thought about moving the tubs out, but they love them too much! See below.

Knox's hair is getting so dark! I love the picture on the right, where they are sitting the same.

Sloaney wanted to wear her leopard skinny leggings to the pumpkin patch :) She can pull hers off way better than I can pull mind off. Her leggings are from Old Navy and her shirt is from Mary Kate's Monograms. I'll post more pics of her in it and Knox in his, which is also super cute.

His Converse were a little big so when Brent sat him down we were worried he wouldn't be able to get around, but he took off running pretty quickly. 
Sloane went up to a little girl and just kept pointing at her shirt. I think she liked it. I love Knox running in the background of the bottom left picture. He was a hoot. 
Yesterday morning, I was washing up some dishes after breakfast and when turned around I could hear the babies, but couldn't see them. I walked over to find them both crammed in a tub, then Knox decided he wanted out...
Silly babies!

Their sleeves are always up in jammy pics because they've usually just finished eating ;)

This was day 23 & 24 of 31 Days of Twin Treats!


  1. They are some of the cutest "farm" animals I've ever seen. Love their costumes.

    Knox and Sloane walk so good. Which I know Sloane has been for a while.

    Love Sloane leopard pants so cute.

    Have a great week.

  2. Pretty sure this post is your cutest ever! Those two outfits are SO CUTE!!

    1. aw, thank you!!! i seriously cannot get enough of them in these costumes!

  3. They are too cute! TnT love dancing too...especially Tillie. We recently bought them chairs and they love playing in the boxes they came it. I found some plans to turn them into collapsible play houses so I'm going to try that out.

    1. I want to get ours chairs for Christmas!! Ours love playing with such random things!

  4. They are so precious and their costumes are too cute!

  5. Super duper cute!


  6. The babies are adorable in their costumes!! My one year old is going to be a puppy dog and I just can't wait to dress him up! Love all of your pics!

    1. a puppy!? how cute!!!! he will be adorable!

      Thank you!

  7. Cuties!

    We've been in a mood here, too. Lainey is cutting 3 teeth. she actually yelled at her gymnastics teacher yesterday. Didn't even know the kid could say no until she yelled it at her teacher. ;/

  8. I love seeing the sweet relationship between Sloane and Knox! My son is 11 months and I cant wait for him to have a sibling to love and play with =)

    Love their costumes! Such cuties =)


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