31 Days of Twin Treats: Days 20 & 21

Hope you all had a good Sunday :)

 I loved the feedback on my last post. I’m definitely going to check Glee out :)

I’ve been doubling up on some Twin Treat posts, which some of you probably noticed. Some evenings, I just spend time with Brent and skip the blogging! I really enjoy doing it in the morning, but with Twin Treats, it’s kind of a daily thing, so I originally liked doing it at night! I figure….
either way, it will get done at some point :)

Saturday morning I snapped this picture after the nuggets woke up. Melts my heart. Sloane always drops her lovey and paci in her crib before we get her out, but occasionally, she wants to carry it with her downstairs. This was one of those morning. She kept giving her lovey hugs.

After I ran to the store during morning nap and I came home to find Brent and Knox snuggling and Knox was wearing his new razorback hoodie Brent got him. Brent travels to Arkansas on business trips pretty frequently, and last week, he picked up this hoodie. He always checks out the Arkansas flair while he’s there.
Saturday afternoon, we met some of our friends at the pumpkin patch. The patch was actually SO busy, that we ended up down the road at a cute produce stand, that also had tons of pumpkins! Knox was in a great mood and giving so many cheesy grins. Our friend, Claire, took some pics of Knox & Sloane and their friend, Saxon. We were planning to get them all in the Halloween costume, but time slipped away. We are going to do that one afternoon this week. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween. 
I loved their little outfits…
Sloane and Brent weren’t ready for the pics, but still fun :)
These little nuggets are so funny! 
Today, my mom and cousin went home. It was so nice having help for a week after my surgery. I seriously don’t know what we would have done with me being down and out and Brent having to go on a business trip. I don’t think Brent and I realized how busy we had been until we had help come in. 
This afternoon, Brent’s mom did a family shoot for us. Knox was NOT having it, little turkey. He didn’t take a good nap, prior to, so he was a bit fussy. I’m sure she got at least a pic or two, though. I’ll be excited to see, as always. For dinner, we went to Brent’s parents to celebrate his younger sister’s 18th birthday. Lot of fun. There, Sloane and Knox did awesome. There were all giggles and just loved seeing all of their cousins. They did so good, we didn’t leave early for bedtime and it was 9:45 before they got in their crib. They were still smiles, but asleep as soon as they laid their heads down. 
Here are Knox & Sloane with their sweet cousin, Cassidy :)

I loved this weekend. Sloane let me rock her for a bit before bed tonight and I was that silly mom crying big tears because I love these weekends and sweet moments.

This was day 20 & 21 of 31 Days of Twin Treats!


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