31 Days of Twin Treats: Days 17 & 18

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Day 17 & 18 with my dumplings. They are so busy and so funny.

They want their snacks and their milk when they want it. They are growing and teething…..
. Knox was working on a tooth today and little boy was not happy this afternoon. Thankfully, it didn’t last too long.

Speaking of snacks, I’ve been wanting to do a post on their eating and food. I’ll jot that down. I’ve got to make notes of blog posts because I keep thinking of things I want to post and then, I forget.

I’m feeling much, much better, but still not lifting them quite yet. Tomorrow is a week since my surgery and the doctor said no lifting 15lbs+ for week so I imagine by Saturday we will be back to our ways. Hopefully they will still want me to pick them up :) Their grammy and cousins have been doing lots of holding. I hope they adjust going back to just two mommy arms!

Knox isn’t talking quite as much as Sloane and I know it’s probably nothing to worry about at his age, but I still do. I definitely have a tendency to worry a bit. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but I just want to make we are doing what we are supposed to in order to help him develop his speech. He says a few words and mocks, but nothing is all too clear.

I know comparing a girl to a boy is kind of like comparing apples & oranges, but it’s hard since I’m with them all the time. They will always be perfect to me, though :)

This picture of Sloane’s hand on her chin cracks me up. She was really wanting her milk and it wasn’t waiting on her when she came down for her nap so she was just in a tissy. haha. Still loving sitting in this container.

Love this little booger. We played stick our tongue out at each other yesterday and he thought it was great. 

We worked on spoons today. They both did relatively well. Then…..Knox turned the bowl upside down….on his head…then laughed as hard as we did. quite funny.

Mom, surely this cute outfit will keep me from putting my toys away…..

These were days 17 & 18 of 31 Days of Twin Treats :)


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    My son didn't start really babbling until after 9 months and at a year he was barely saying a couple of words that only me and my husband could understand. I worried myself sick thinking there was something wrong. Fast forward 2.5 years…..girl, I can not get him to stop talking now!! If he's awake he's talking. Like complete sentences, having deep conversations. All that to say, I know it's hard not to compare and worry but I really wish I hadn't worried so much when he was younger. He's always done things on his own time and talking was no different. Hope this helps, and they're beautiful, btw :)

  2. says

    I don't comment often, but I love your blog. : ) I'm a speech pathologist and always tell parents that there is a wide range of what's normal with toddlers. It sounds to me like Knox is doing fine for his age if he is saying a few words and imitating. I'm sure that since Slone is saying alot more it just makes it seem like he's a bit behind. Hope this helps ease your mind!

  3. says

    Do not worry about Knox. Boys are slower at everything. :) When my son was 18 months I asked my husband if my boy was going to talk as much as his cousin, then bam. I totally jinxed myself. Now almost 3 he is at a 5 year old level as far as talking and understanding things. They all do it when they are ready! :) Your children are so beautiful. I really enjoy your blog.

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    seriously, these kiddos are too precious! and i love Sloane's hand on her chin…Elyse is starting to learn that she can voice her opinion when she doesn't have something exactly when she wants it…mommy manipulation? i think so!

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    I worry the same thing about Brady, because Hannah has all these words that she says, but Brady is just now starting to say words that we can actually understand. It's interesting to watch the difference between boys and girls in development since we are getting to watch it simultaneously. Praying that you feel well enough to start picking them up again this weekend. I can't imagine how hard that has been for you and for them.

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    the only thing i would say about the talking is make sure sloane doesn't do it FOR knox. i have younger twin sisters and the older (by 1 minute, ha) would do all the talking for both of them. when the younger one was asked a question, the older one would answer for her. and when the younger one wanted to tell us something, she had the older one do it for her. the younger one ended up having speech delays and was in speech therapy for about a year, but she is great now!

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    Don't worry!!! I have boy/girl twins as well and my boy wasn't talking much at that age either- now at 24 months… He is passing her by! Ha! They take turns!! I promise! Ha they are adorable!!

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