31 Days of Twin Treats: Days 11 & 12

I was hoping not to have to combine posts, but sometimes that just how life works!

Thank you all SO much for the comments yesterday..and tweets…and instagram comments… and texts. I very much appreciate the thoughts and prayers! Going into surgery with two babies was a different feeling, but I felt peace. Everything went well and I’m glad it’s over with. I’m in quite a bit of pain, but I’m hoping it will improve once the gas is out. I’m trying to rest, but I’m having trouble sleeping because I wake up as soon as I move and feel pain. I’m walking around some in hopes to get the gas out and I am try to stay on top of my pain meds.

So far, this is definitely easier than my first lap surgery in 2008. Hopefully that stays true……

I didn’t get to see Knox & Sloane too much today. When I did, it would break my heart that they would run to me with their hands up and I couldn’t pick them up :( My doctor told me he didn’t want me to lift more than 15lbs for a week. I have four incisions. I’ll consider posting a picture tomorrow….with the bandaids on, of course. I mean I did do bare belly pictures through two pregnancies so it’s not much different, haha. Anyways, I didn’t like not being able to play and cuddle. I attempted to get down in the floor with them, once, but then I couldn’t get up without my dad’s help. My cousin, Susie, flew in from DFW to visit and help us out for a few days, which is nice. Knox & Sloane love my mom, but they stretch her thin so an extra set of hands will be so nice and they warmed up to Susie quick from what I could hear from the bedroom!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I was brainstorming for family pictures and then I decided to see what Knox & Sloane had as far as Thanksgiving attire. They have some super cute outfits, one pictured below :) It’s from one of the Facebook sites. I need to make sure their collared shirts fit. I think for our pictures, I’m going to put them in Christmas outfits, but I may try to take some in their fall stuff.

Sloane has always been good about leaving her bows on and I’m now thinking it’s because they were on headbands. I’ve been working on just the bow lately, since she’s finally getting more hair, and well, she likes to pull it off. She did do better today, but not yesterday.

So, I needed to wash their high chair seats, and for those that have asked, they are the Phil & Ted’s Lobster and I’ll do a post on them soon, but I picked a bad day to wash because it was supposed to rain and they didn’t dry by the next morning. So, for breakfast, we used their party high chairs. I tape a little placemat on them so they would be easy cleaning (and because there is no sealer on them). Well, it was a disaster. Sloane completely wanted to turn around and Knox just wanted to stand. She just kept making faces at me and thought she was so funny. Little clown.  Luckily, we just had to do two meals and by dinner they were back to normal.

Their normal high chairs are in my day 10 video here :)

They are starting to play with one another more and more and it’s so funny. They play chase, and though it makes me nervous, they really like it.

Knox is just like his mama in the fact that is he still SO ticklish. That may be my next video.

Knox has been walking super good the past few days. He was about 75% walking, but I think he may be up to about 95% walking. I mean he does have someone to run from.

I hope you all had a nice Friday!

This was day 11 & 12 of 31 Days of Twin Treats :)


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    Glad to hear your recovering great! I had my gallbladder removed about 3 years ago. I had 3 gallbladder attacks before I had it removed and I seriously thought I was in lobor it hurt that bad but after getting it removed I felt great. But did they warn you about "phantom pains" some people experience after having it removed? My doctor said its super common for women to have their gallbladder rmoved after having a baby. I guess cause the baby squeezes down on everything but you might want to ask about Phantom pains though not everyone experiences them. Just thought Id let you know

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    I am glad all went well with the surgery! I do not remember lifting restrictions and wonder if I had any. We had foster children, along with our 5 (who didn't need lifting). Obey the doctor and be aware – one of these days one of the kiddos will probably cause the other one to need stitches. It happened to my brother and I and we weren't twins. My son and daughter and they aren't twins. And then just recently, one triplet needed stitches due to his brother……Be prepared!

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    i am so glad surgery went so well! and yay for having some help. that's huge. now get some rest!!

    i think sloane is going to be your troublemaker 😉 she just has such a twinkle in her eye! love it!

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    Sloane made me laugh sitting backwards in her chair. The chair we have like that has a little safety belt, thank goodness. I have to watch Chelsi or she is trying to stand in chairs.

    I love their little turkey smocked outfits, so cute!

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    I have been following your blog for awhile, but have never posted any comments. I actually grew up with Susie's daughter and started reading the blog when your Cohen was born because she posted a link on Facebook to your blog and was asking for prayers for you guys. Your family has been in many of my prayers the past couple of years and I absolutely love seeing the pics of the twins and watching them grow. I have many memories of being with Susie and her family. I will never forget going bra shopping with her… haha! I always thought she was such a beautiful lady and it runs in the family. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

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