31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 8

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Today was a pretty good Monday. I had an appointment this morning and then the babies and I hung out the rest of the day. Brent played in a golf tournament.

This was my favorite part of today. Last week, we all tried Cinnamon Chex. I was excited to find they were gluten free. I immediate loved them. Knox & Sloane, shockingly didn't really seem interested in them. Today, I thought I'd try again. I sat a handful of them on the little plastic container in our living room. Yes, we are using a plastic container as a barricade for the moment......

Sloane is a giver and a taker. She wants to take everything Knox picks up. Everything. She is nice, though, too. So she will share if you ask her to.

Well, I set a handful of Check down and immediately she wanted to feed them to Knox. It was hilarious. I just stood back and watched. Yes, I grabbed my phone, too. It was too cute to miss.

Oh, Knox, look! I couldn't decide about these last week. What did you think?

Taste it and tell me what you think, Knox.

Let me get them all in your mouth, Knox!

Sloane, let Knox feed himself. Here are some more Chex. 

Let me try myself, Sloane.

Knox, it would be much quicker if you would just throw your head down and eat them like this!

Sloane you are silly.

Oh, Knox, I like feeding them to you! Please let me!

Sloane, I want to pick the ones that have lots of cinnamon on them!

Ahhhhhh.  you guys are so cute!

Sloane wore a super cute dress today! I snapped more pictures of her in it and I'll post tomorrow :) 

Yes, she is totally getting ready to sprinkle cookies ;)

This was day 8 of 31 Days of Twin Treats :)

Hope you all had a good day! 


  1. I loved reading this post! They are adorable! What a precious moment you got to capture!

  2. I have to tell you that I have boy/girl twin grands, and Lexie "mothers" Camden constantly! They are four now, but she has always fed him, wiped his face, carried things to him, etc, and now that they are in PreK, she puts his backpack on him, checks his cubby, and even tries to tie his shoes. He is so mellow, he allows it all, but she thinks she is put on this earth to look after him!!! lol

  3. Ahhhh super cute, Sloan feeding Knox! Girls are such lil' mommas!

  4. So cute! I have the apple cinnamon chex right now (yum!) and my one year old likes them, too!

  5. I just love when you talk for them. It just tickles me and I can totally see them actually having the convo.

  6. They are so precious! I bet the interaction between the two of them is so sweet to watch! I love their little hearts :)

  7. Man I just love them!!

    And we totally used two of those Rubbermaid containers as a gate for months. No judgement here ;)

  8. Plastic container as a barrier huh? Tensley would be over that thing in seconds! Haha! Those pictures are too cute and I love how you do their "conversations". Hubby and I do the same thing!


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