31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 7

I didn’t post day 7 yesterday because I did this post. Please continue to keep Julee and their friends and family in your prayers. I’m going to try to participate in an auction I heard about (on Twitter) being set up. I’ll let you know more details when I know them.

Yesterday was another typical weekend morning :) We did breakfast and played.

Thankfully, the sun came out pretty early so we anticipated a nice day to go to the fair. Also thankful the babies took a morning nap so they were able to last a few hours at the fair! weeks so I figured I would cheat a little. Luckily, I still don’t have immediate sensitive so I was fine.

Getting these two little ones ready to get out the door is getting QUITE tricky. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Knox. He is so cute with that little smile!

Since it was still pretty cold, we thought we better put hats on them. Thankfully, they are pretty good about leaving their hats on, although I should probably get coats with hoods at some point. Knoxy sported his vest, too :) Sloane wore her denim jacket, and Brent is obsessed with it. He thinks she looks cuter in it than anything else, haha.

We met Brent’s dad and his dad’s girlfriend at the fair and we were actually on time. Also getting a bit tricky :)

Right when we got there, I got word about Julee’s husband so as we were parking, I lost it. My heart started physically hurting. I knew I couldn’t walk around the fair crying so I got it together…and left my sunglasses on.

I didn’t eat my typical fair food, but I enjoyed a big lemonade and a cheese on a steak..which I’m sure had a bit of gluten : / I hadn’t had gluten in about 3

Knox & Sloane were great people watchers, and let me tell you, the fair brings some interesting people! I had Kim snap our picture and I probably should have done it in front of the carousel instead of infront of random people walking haha. Oh, and Knox clearly wanted nothing to do with it as he turned his head immediately.

After the fair, we came home and the babies rested for a bit and Brent and I watched an episode or two of Parenthood. Actually, I think Knox & Sloane ended up talking to one another while lying in their crib, but nonetheless, they got some downtime.

My mom called and asked if we wanted to meet her for dinner at a new BBQ place so we did. I don’t think the food was very good, but my gallbladder nausea had kind of set in so I just wasn’t hungry. I know I’ve now said this a few times, but Knox & Sloane are really over going out to eat. How long does that stage last? haha. They just get so restless. So, I really don’t think they will be dining out. They don’t freak out, but the just throw stuff on the floor and I feel bad. I know people are looking at us, but I mean such is life..they are kids in learning, haha. Sloane did want to flirt with the other tables and Knox decided he liked pickles.

It was a nice Sunday. It was a day like this particular day where you realize nothing else in the world matters besides gifts from God. I hugged Knox & Sloane extra tight and thanked God for Brent. I prayed to God to keep us safe.

This was day 7 in my 31 Days of Twin Treats.


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    So sad to hear about Julee's husband. A friend of mine lost her husband Saturday night to the war in Afghanistan. I, too, found out about it as we were going to our local fair. So hard to have a good time while you know your friend is aching. I didn't take my sunglasses off either :)

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    Keep taking them out to eat. That is the only way they learn how to behave in that type of setting. Maybe try going to more kid-friendly places BUT everyone is still going to stare. They (the people staring) just need to get over it!! I have been known to get up and take mine outside for a few minutes or to the bathroom so they can have a minute or 2 to regroup. And take stuff to keep them busy. Colors, books, snacks, etc. Colton will sit and watch about 15 minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my iphone and it keeps him quiet!

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