31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 6

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Well, I’m a day behind on posting. I typically do my Twin Treat posts at night, but last night we went to a movie and I was ready for bed when we got home!

We had a nice, relaxing Saturday.

They were pretty exhausted yesterday and took two, two and a half hour naps. I think it’s funny how that happens on the weekend, but never during the week 😉 I went to lunch with a friend and Brent hung with them and fed them lunch. I know lunch can get stressful, but he did great…..

I love watching Brent playing with Knox & Sloane while I do breakfast or clean up. They have lots of fun.

In the afternoon, we decided we’d take them out for a bit and by their papa’s house. We were going to go to the fair, but the weather was just overcast, a little rainy and cold. We decided to keep them snuggled in their jammies and but their coats and hats on.
I know, my hair is looking awesome and frizzy, haha. 
I posted some these on instagram, so sorry if you’ve seen them all. I don’t think about that.. I guess maybe I should do one or the other? o well. 
Sloane totally sat on the steps and acted like she was just waiting on us all. It was funny. Then, Knox loves playing with these glasses, but he wasn’t sure about Brent putting them on him. He actually smiled the first time, but by the time I heart Brent laughing and I grabbed my phone, he started acting ticked. haha. 
Brent and I can’t take how cute that look in hats. I had several people ask on Twitter and IG where the hats were from. I can’t think of the brand off hand and I got them last year. They are upstairs so I’ll check when Knox & Sloane wake up from the nap and try to post it today. 
We saw Taken 2 last night. It was good, but I don’t think it was as good as the first one. I thought the plot was quick and everything happened way fast. A bit predictable, too, naturally. We snapped a pic before….
Another good thing about Saturday, the Hogs finally one another game! WAHOO! haha. 
This is Day 6 in my 31 Days of Twin Treats :) 


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    What adorable pictures :) I definitely would like to know where the cute hats are from…and your rug from the first pic of the babies playing 😉

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