31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 4

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Today was a relatively busy day. Knox had an eye doctor appointment, I had a meeting at church and went to two grocery stores.

I always get nervous that Knox’s eye is looking worse. I think somedays it looks good and somedays it looks bad……
The doctor said it’s always going to look worse in pictures because of blinks, so that made me feel better. I’ve now taken him in twice before he actually had a follow up. The doctor said it’s totally fine if I have concern. He said it’s medium. Not great, but not severe. It’s not messing with his vision, focussing etc. He had his eyes dilated today so the doctor could get a good check done. The goal is to avoid surgery for as long as possible….unless it does start causing issues. He could outgrow it, a lot of kids do, but if he doesn’t, he will have surgery at about four years old more than likely.

He was more interested in playing with my cheap sunglasses than the toys, which is fine with me. We went to Target after his appointment. He did good except he was hungry. So naturally, I opened up a squeezable pouch for him to eat…right off the shelf, haha.

We played for a while when we got home and then they went down for a nap. My mom kept Sloane while Knox & I were gone and she stayed long enough for me to run to a local store. I usually go there for produce.

Sloane gave me a good smile right until I snapped the pic. Little turkey.

She was all about sticking her tongue out…

Her face is clearly way more flawless than mine, haha. Not to mention smeared makeup I had been wearing for seven hours. 
This morning they couldn’t get enough of these containers. I actually got them during the summer, on clearance at Target for $5, and was going to put them in the garage for storage. They are still in the little living area so they love to crawl in them. 
We are about to turn the small living area into a play area and put our real living room together like a living room. It’s like baby land right now. They will just have more room in the other area since it connects to the kitchen. I’m also ready to paint the dark wood/trim in the living room. 
We ordered some bows from Wild Woman Bowtique and they arrived today! SOO cute! She also surprised us with a cute Razorback bow! love them all :)
Hope you all had a good day :)
This is day 4 in my 31 Days of Twin Treats :) 


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    Adorable! My brother had the same thing with one of his eyes (can't remember what it's called right off hand, but you know :) and had surgery to correct it when he around 8 years old. It was an easy, fast surgery that he recovered from very quickly and you can't even tell which eye had the problem now. Still scary to think of your baby having a surgery even if it's a small one though!

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