31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 3

Thanks for the nice comments/texts on my last post!

Happy midweek :)

Today we got out of the house a few times, which is always nice. Knox, Sloane and myself met a few of my girlfriends for lunch, went to CVS and went to dinner with Brent when he got off work. They do good eating out, but it’s starting to get a little tricky because they get restless quicker…..

They were both in relatively good moods today. Knox took a morning and afternoon nap and Sloane just did a morning one.

I’m working on teaching Sloane not to take toys from Knox. It never fails, if he has something, she goes and takes it. He doesn’t do that, but if he does, she’s passive and doesn’t care. When she takes his toy, he freaks.

Knox fell against the plush ottoman today and the fabric gave him a little burn on the side of his face. Every time one of them falls, I cringe and hope no teeth are hurt.

My most favorite part of the day was on the way home from dinner. Sloane gave a little giggle. She’s kind of started to fake laugh or just giggle for no reason. I laughed back at her. Knox joined in and then Brent. We did it for a good five minutes off and on and by the time we stopped were all legitimately laughing, but none of us could see the other. It was one of my favorite moments in the past thirteen months :)

Is anyone else’s children obsessed with the TV remote? If I ever want mine to sit for a few seconds, I can hand them the remote and they just push away, haha.

I didn’t originally have Sloane wearing the tights today, but then I realized it was a bit cool when we would be leaving them for lunch. So while they don’t match all that well, I thought it ended up being cute :) A little Punky Brewster esq.

Sloane, you’ve not worn this skirt in a while….

She was being a little ham and gave me some cute smiles. He’s about to talk on his phone….

She’s a hoot…

I wore a hat today and the second I took it off, Knox grabbed it to put it on. #allboy

Sloane, take that bow off, I think you should wear a hat, too!

I pack the easy sqeezables when we go eat somewhere, but I don’t really give them at home.  Sloane likes them so as soon as she saw me pack the diaper bag for lunch, she ran to grab the sqeezables. The girl likes her food. I think the right picture was after lunch and she was mad I wouldn’t give her my phone…I think she was on the verge of tears. sweet thing. 
Those above I took with my pone when I was playing with them. I snuck away when they were playing and grabbed my bigger camera once or twice. It’s on my nerves. It’s probably that I just haven’t learned enough. I still think I want a new one, though. Logical, I know.  My MIL is going to maybe let me have one of her good ones and I’ll have to get some lenses. Anyways, I snapped a few cute ones :) 

I got them running to Brent when he got home. Sloane got their quicker, because she’s a runner, so Knox detoured to his wagon first, haha. 
*Super cute onesies are from Mary Kate’s Monograms :)
*Sloane’s tights are from Target
*Tutu I really can’t remember. I got it last summer and I didn’t look at the tag today. Maybe Baby Starters. 
This is day three in my 31 Days of Twin Treats


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    I've been following your blog for over a year now (i just stumbled upon it one day) I really enjoy reading your post and your kids are adorable. I found out I was pregnant with twins just a few months after you. I loved reading your posts because you were just ahead of me in the process.

    My little ones just turned one last Tuesday and they also love the remotes. We call them the wand of power because they get so excited when they pick it up. We got them a toy remote to play with and their eyes just light up when they see it.

    My daughter also doesn't share with her brother. She is constantly stealing his toys.

  2. says

    We have issues with toy AND paci stealing over here. It's mainly Tillie doing the stealing. She's such a bully! haha! They also like the remote. We have a "real" one that we don't use so we took the batteries out of it and let them play with it.

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