31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 26

Not a very eventful Friday, yesterday! Just lots of playing and snuggles :)  I’ll leave out the lots of poppy diaper part, but those, too. That’s the only thing I won’t miss with time passing.

We thought about getting out for a bit, but it turned out to be a really cool day and Sloane was still a bit irritable with her teeth. My parents dropped by to visit and Brent’s dad and girlfriend came over and stayed for a bit last night so we could go to a fun little Halloween party. There were tons of kids, but Knox & Sloane didn’t really nap yesterday so I knew they wouldn’t last until 10pm. They hit they hay at 7 and Sloane slept until 9 this morning, when we decided to wake her! Knox slept until 8:15. Growing, little babies…..

I had a few people comment/email about the amber teething necklaces. I did try them, but only very briefly. They kept tugging on them. Knox would tug on Sloane’s and she would tug on his : / It made me nervous so I’ve not put them back on them. I might now that they are a bit older.

This is a little blurry because I was on the other side of the room, but I think they are so funny when they get right up by the walls of their play yard. It’s like they are plotting an escape.

A friend borrowed one of our Boppy Loungers and as soon as she brought it back, Sloane ran over and sat on it. We put it in their play area after that, and now she will just hop up on it. She was trying to read a little book. The right picture, Bret thought it would be funny to put her old pumpkin outfit on her head. She thought it was funny, too :)

Have a good day :)

This was day 26 of 31 Days of Twin Treats.


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