31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 2

We had a cozy little day today.

My mom watched the babies for a bit this morning. I had a HIDA scan to check the functionality of my gallbladder. It doesn’t work, but that’s another post. When I got home we did lunch and played  Knox actually ate pasta today, which is a big step! He likes it a bit al dente, come to find out.  …. oh and gluten free, too. They weren’t much up for an afternoon nap….
I think we are about to transition into one nap!

Knox’s skin started flaring a bit, which is common after he has the sickes so I kept him in his jammies so the carpet wouldn’t irritate it. We love jammie days. I don’t think his skin is flaring like it normally does, so hopefully he’s growing out of it! He will still a bit crabby today, but not nearly like the past few days. My favorite Knoxy moment, today, was when he ran up to the red wagon anticipating his afternoon ride. It’s pretty cute.

We pulled their big stuffed friends out of the gameroom and they love them. It’s so funny to see them play on them. I need to do a comparison pic of them on their animals now and when they were itty bitty babies.

My mom also got them a new Hallmark book, which they love and are reading below. I didn’t snap a pic of the front, but I’ll do it in another post!

Oh hey, Mickey! 
I was trying to get Sloane to give me a teethy smile. She was trying not to for a while, but I finally got her to :)
Today I started thinking of a few tings I want to get Knox & Sloane for Christmas. I have a feeling they will love Christmas like their mama :)
I also will be doing another blog sale of their clothes soon. Maybe this week if I find some time! 
This is post 2 of my 31 Days of Twin Treats! :)


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    Seriously, could your family be any precious?! Poor Knox and his skin. In my family, if you didn't get asthma, you got exzema so I know the struggles with the flare ups! Hope he gets to feeling better soon so we can get some teethy grins from him :)

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