31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 16

First of all, Knox & Sloane wanted to wish their Grammy a very happy birthday! They tell me they want to make their grandparents something special for their birthdays, but on days like today, mommy wasn’t much of a help :( So, we will do something belated in the next few days!

My doctor called me in something to help my skin irritations from my surgery. They are still ridiculous….and gross..and painful. Blah. I hate complaining and not being able to do everything. #truth.

Knox & Sloane were super funny today…
 They were obsessed with the cards that Grammy got for her birthday because they played music. They played them over and over and just laughed and danced and ran with them. They weren’t up for an afternoon nap, again today, so by about 6pm, they were rather delirious!

Again, so thankful my cousin came in to help my mom!

I had forgotten about these cute little plaid outfits so I pulled them out today. They are still a bit big, but I’m not sure they will last into spring. They would be fun for some kind of western party, haha

Hope you all had a good day :)


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    They are so dang cute, love the outfits. Simon's been so funny lately too, I'm loving this age. :) (Minus the eye teeth and molars that are ever so slowly making their appearance!)

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    Hi! I am allergic to basically all adhesives as well. When I had my gallbladder removed, I was allergic to the glue they used to seal my wounds, the steri strips, and the bandaids! I imagine you are allergic to the exact same things. It felt like those areas had been burned. Crazy! My doctor put me on an oral steroid, an antibiotic, a topical cream, and I had to take benadryl. It was miserable!! Now that I know I am allergic to these things, I try to avoid them. Unfortunately, sometimes they can't be avoided! Good luck in your recovery!

    Katie Craft

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    Love those outfits! The musical cards are great kids love them but be careful of the button batteries that are inside of them. Kids are swallowing them and they are very dangerous if they get caught in the esophagus they can burn holes in it and case permanent damage. Your twins are beautiful!!!!

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    So sorry to hear your allergic reactions are still hurting you. It's ok to complain/vent a little. We all need to do it from time to time. As usual the babies are adorable! Love the latest outfits.

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