31 Days of Twin Treats: Day 10

I took yesterday off blogging and Tweeting. I got on Instagram once or twice, mostly checking to see if Julee posted anything. Someone let me know that Matt’s service would be streaming live. I was so glad I got to watch it. He was really an amazing man, which I knew, but it was such a good message.

Yesterday was a pretty standard day for us :) Playing, eating, pooping, giggle and thankfully, napping. Well only one, and not for me, but for Knox & Sloane…..

I have another sweet video. I posted two videos in my day 9 post, and if you missed them, you should definitely check them out. So funny!!

Sloane has been doing a crinkling with her nose and it’s so funny! I finally caught it on camera. Knox was obsessed with these mats yesterday. We had them on the carper for a while, when his skin was giving him fits, but now they are leaning up to the side of their gate. He kept grabbing them yesterday and propping them up, trying to make a slide. Silly boy.

Brent got home right around when Knox and Sloane were finishing their dinner. So instead of eating their apples, they played the giggle game. Brent goes back and forth between entryways when they aren’t looking and pretends to scare them. They just laugh and laugh.

Excuse the wreck of a living area..clearly the end of the day 😉

Love these giggles :)

This was day 10 of 31 Days of Twin Treats!


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    Seriously adorable x 2!
    Just a word of caution. Be careful while making the babies laugh hard when they are eating food. My son choked on food that way and had to be rushed to the hospital to get it dislodged. I would hate to see that happen to your precious kiddos.

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