31 Days of Twin Treats :) Day 1

Today was definitely a Monday. I know, people say for someone working at home, all the days are the same, but they aren’t really. They aren’t for me anyways. Brent being home during the day and Brent not being home during the day are two completely different things…..

I have two walking babies, but right now, one is still crawling off and on, too. Sloane runs for the most part. Knox is walking, falling, crawling and whining. He wants to be a fulltime walker, but he wants to be quick and not falling. He’s torn, haha.  As I mentioned yesterday, he has been a little under the weather for the past few days. He didn’t sleep well last night so I spent most of my night listening to hear if he was going to wake back up. Today baby man was a super fussy bucket. He really just wanted his mama to hold him. I love that. Well, I love holding him, but I don’t like to wonder if he’s in pain or if he’s just being clingy. The hard part about this is Sloane wanting me to hold her when I hold Knox. She is very easy going, but she gets irritated when Knox just fusses and wants to be held.

Those things? Those things are much easier to deal with when Brent is here :)

I rarely complain about my days. I’m not complaining. To me, even the hardest days are days I’m thankful for. Everyday isn’t a “treat” but really, they are. I’m just thankful to have them and to be home with my babies. I’m also thankful that my mom can come help run interference, for a few hours, when I really just want an extra set of hands. We make it work. Full on exhaustion and cries. Then, we all jump for joy when daddy comes home. We all have smiles and go for a wagon ride, haha.

They love their daddy so much….as do I :)

The wagon? They love their wagon, too.

Seriously, Knox holding on in the wagon. I can’t take it. Brent also taught them how to use their cup holders. They.put.their.sippy’s.in.a.cup.holder!
Yes, we like boy bloomers around here :)

These cute little “western” outfits were made by SheSheMade. Knox & Sloane wore them after they smashed their cakes at their birthday party :) I love them.

Read about my 31 days of blogging “Twin Treats” here :) If you are participating, I’d love to know so I can follow you!

I’ll post the J.Crew winner in the morning! My eyes are closing for now.


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    I LOVE them! My mom stopped by tonight while I was making dinner. SO thankful for that since hubby was working out & couldn't help.
    I'm doing 31 days. I hope I can make it! 😉

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    I stayed home from work yesterday with Elyse & it was definitely a Monday…the moment I hear the garage door open my heart just leaps knowing that the reinforcement, aka daddy, has arrived!

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    Oh my word! They get cuter and sweeter looking by the day! Thanks for sharing! I come back each day to see their precious little faces and see what they've been up to. :). Have a great day!

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