I hope you all are having a nice weekend :) We are! I love weekends.

We didn’t go to the first football game, but we did show our spirit :) We weren’t going to watch because it wasn’t on TV and Brent didn’t want to buy the sports station package, but then he found it streaming online, so we were able to keep up once the babies went to bed.

The babies wore some of their Razorback outfits today :) I LOVE them.

I can still call them babies, right? I just read the sentence above and thought, they are still babies, yes? waaaah. 

Okay, sorry. Anyways….

I made the mistake of waiting until right before bedtime to try an snap a picture. Instead of getting one cute pic of them sitting by one another, I just had to turn the flash on and get what I could, haha. Again, wish I didn’t have to use a flash…ever, but they were tired and delirious and moving fast. Sloane was not a happy camper and all she wanted was her bed, haha. Bless her heart. I couldn’t help but post this pics of her faces. Sorry, Sloane. And Knox, he just loves Mickey, but you can tell in his eyes, he was ready for night night, too! Our friends got them Mickey for their birthday and he dancing and moves his arms around and sings. Well, we haven’t taken him out of the box yet because we are afraid they will break it. They don’t know the difference yet, that they are missing the dancing, but they sure LOVE to make him move his hands and sing! They clap their hands and bounce up and down like they are dancing. It’s so funny.


*Outfits by Mary Kate’s Monograms!
*Platter from Rosie Posie Designs!


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    I'm with you – flash is for emergencies only, but sometimes you have to do it…I understand. :) That face that Sloane has is priceless! And Emma Ramey loves Mickey SO much…I feel like we are going to be taking similar pictures in a few months!

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    The funny thing is that this time next year you'll look back and think, "Oh my word! They were just babies!" They will always seem big to you in the moment :) but as the others have already said, they'll always be your babies. And I gotta say…I used to keep toys from my kids worried they would break them. I regretted that so much. By the time they reach an age where they won't break it, they've moved on to something else. It is always your decision what you want to do, but I would encourage you to just let them play with Mickey :)

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    Hi ! Oh my word! Those babies with their Mickey, too precious!! I was wondering if you graduated from Univ. of Arkansas and if that's why you are so into the Razorbacks instead of the Sooners?

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