Tips For Choosing the Right Pediatrician

Speaking of Pediatrician, we are heading there this morning. Knox woke from his nap yesterday not feeling well. He’s had a pretty consistent fever (101+)…but no stuffy nose, drainage, etc. I wanted to make sure it’s not his ears.

I never felt too much stress about finding a good Pediatrician. I have many friends in town with young kids and I knew that I would have some great recommendations. In fact, I had so many that it did make it a bit hard….

I honestly thought I would go and interview them all. I thought that until I went to the hospital at 24 weeks. From then on, I really didn’t do much. I ended up asking my OB who he would recommend. He gave me several names and one of them ended up being who we picked.

One of my good friends also had a baby four months prior to Knox & Sloane’s birthday. She gave me the name of hers and said she really liked him. He had come recommended by a board of people at one of our hospitals, so that was a plus. Brent and I decided we would go meet with him before Knox & Sloane arrived.

We met with him and felt right away that he would be a good fit for us and our babies. It’s one of those things that. had he rubbed me the wrong way, I probably would have said, that’s not our kid’s doctor. I felt sure, although I feel comfortable in the fact that I knew we could change doctors essentially any time we wanted.

I think it’s a great idea to interview a pediatrician before deciding if that’s the one you are going to use. You can make a list of questions. They can be general questions or they can be more in depth. I think the doctors are use to all kinds. Obviously, to parents, their children come first and they want to feel comfortable with the knowledge the doctor has as well as his views on things.

I liked our doctor’s staff and partner. We have seen the partner the majority of the time and I like him equally. They are both great doctors.

I will say, I did end up having an issue or two with the nurses. One was a bit rude and my mom even made a comment when she was with me once and then I didn’t feel like they were cleaning things very well. It was winter and I just felt like they needed to wipe down things when I saw that they weren’t. I did end up telling the doctor at one of our appointments. He thanked me and said he truly appreciated me bringing this to his attention. I totally understand people have bad days so I told him I’m sure that’s all it was, but it really gave me a bitter taste. 

You have to feel comfortable telling your doctor anything, whether it’s about your child or how his staff makes you fell. You need to feel safe and like you are getting good care all around.

So overall, I think interviewing a doctor and speaking with people who have children who have been going to a pediatrician can really help you know what to look for when you are making that decision for your family!

Oh, I just can’t take some of these baby pictures. 

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    I agree! You HAVE to be comfortable. I had gotten recommendations & we chose a pediatrician for our little girl, but after ~4 months, I left every.single.visit angry. I had a baby who happened to be at the doctor weekly for breathing problems, so when I felt blown off frequently, my husband & I decided to switch. We couldn't be happier now with the group we are in. Your pediatrician may not seem like a big deal, but it is HUGE. Make sure that the office hours, after hour policies, phone call return policy, etc work with what you want.

    Great post. Thanks Megan!

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    My ped is soo shitty I have never liked her and she's always rushed. The office is always dirty there was a dirty wipe on the floor one visit and both the nurse and our crappy ped IGNORED it through out the whole visit. The worst part is I have free government Medicaid for my son so the ped and location is picked for us

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    Our first ped was awful. Andrew was early. He had been in the NICU and the peds there along with the lactation specialist had said I could pump but not nurse because he was so tiny. I had to supplement with formula. The 1st time we saw the doc he said, "Oh those NICU doctors overreact. Just nurse. It won't kill the kid." I should've left right then but he was the only ped w/in 20 miles. We live in a small town. The final straw was when Andrew was 5 months old and started running a high fever on a Monday afternoon. I called and was told he could be seen on Friday. Seriously?!? I ended up taking him to the ER. He had the flu. I ended up switching to a practice about 20 miles away. I love our main doc, but there are 7 other doctors and a nurse prac. They have late hrs and a Saturday clinic. They always see us, and they're always helpful. Another important thing to keep I'm mind is that a good ped will have an after hrs. number. Our first didn't. Our current office says never to hesitate to call no matter what the time.

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