I know I posted an important post yesterday, for a great cause, but I also have another one today :) Thank you for reading the one yesterday. The comments speak for themselves and I’m so glad people shared. I truly believe everyone being aware of newborn screening will change lives! Also, this press release was done yesterday.

I wanted to go ahead and post about TEAMworks today, because at the end of this month they are heading to Ukraine!

TEAMworks website states: TEAMworks is made of a group of physical, occupational, and speech therapists who are seeking to improve the lives and futures of special needs children internationally.

Brent and I have a friend that is part of this group and she left me know about TEAMworks and their mission.

She also let me know that they have an arts and acting program locally, which is awesome. If Brent and I still lived in NWA, I would love to take part. As for their travels, they currently work with special needs orphans in Ukraine and Guatemala.

You can read about why TEAMworks was created HERE.

I know that many people are adopting internationally, and I know that really opens eyes to the lack of care that special needs children receive in other countries.

I worked with special needs children some in high school and I can honestly say, it was one of the most rewarding experiences. They are amazing people.

Most, if not all, of the children that TEAMworks works with overseas are up for adoption.

Here is a video about the work that TEAMworks has done in Ukraine

TEAMworks Ukraine Promo from Amanda Clark on Vimeo.

If anyone wants to donate towards TEAMworks Ukraine trip, you can do so on their site here. It’s tax deductible and since all of their workers are volunteers, all of the money goes straight towards helping the children.

While on the topic, if you don’t read about Baby Brayden, you are missing out. I’ve been reading Heather’s blog since before Brayden was born. He was born not too long after Cohen passed away. He was a preemie and I remember praying to God to please let Brayden live. He did live, but has many special needs now. Heather is trying to raise money to get a van that is equipt for Brayden’s needs. I’m trying to think of a way to help, but in the meantime, you can check out her blog and she occasionally has fundraisers going on to help, like these.

Thank you, again, for reading :) You all have always supported my needs, ideas and thoughts and I just want to share for others as well as organizations that help better and save lives.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” -James 1:27


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    Thanks for sharing about Teamworks. What a great blessing and job they are doing for those kids. I pray that their trip goes well and that God can bless and heal so many children! I am originally from Ukraine that's why this post is so special for me. Blessings.

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