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If you read any of my posts, please read this one. Please share this one.

You may remember me blogging HERE about the Save Babies Through Screening 
Foundation as I shared our story.

September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month.

I’m now an Ambassador for SBTSF and I’m very thankful to be apart of this foundation in order to help spread the word.

Even if you aren’t having a baby and have no plans to, someone you know or one of your friends’ friends just might.  YOU don’t have to be pregnant…or even a female. You can still make people aware. I thought doing this post might help ……..
A simple, “check to see if the hospital has newborn screening” is all it takes. What’s newborn screening? one might ask back to you. You can reply, “a screening process to make sure your baby is healthy and ready to leave the hospital” — to the point. Also, referencing to our website. “Save Babies dot Org” is an easy option, too!

Believe me, people will never look at you funny for trying to help.

As a reminder, not all hospitals do newborn screenings. Not all states require newborn screenings. Our goal is to change that. Far too many babies go home from the hospital without these screenings and end up being rushed to the hospital or dead in their parents arms. That seems like a harsh statement, but it’s a fact.

You can read more about our goals HERE.

I never, ever thought that we would have a baby with Congenital Heart Defects. Sure, I had heard of the, but they never crossed my mind. Well, turns out 1 in 100 kids have some form of CHD. Thankfully, my doctor found Cohen’s heart was broken while I was pregnant, but many doctor’s don’t. Therefore, once the baby is born, if newborn screening isn’t done, you leave the hospital not being sure your baby is safe. I CANNOT imagine having left the hospital and something happening once we were home.

We just want people to be aware.

****We have created a toolkit for awareness month HERE. It includes the pages below as as well as an advocacy toolkit. There is even a template letter than you can send to the editor of your local newspaper. Why not spread the word that way?

Right now, The Save Babies Through Screen Foundation is partnering with Partners of the Heart for a grant program. Pay $1 to share your happy baby story!

Share your story by clicking there picture or go here.  You can read in depth about our partnership HERE., our website, has great resources you can utilize to help spread awareness.

We also just launched a site where you can purchase TONS of party supplies! Check out Save Babies Parties HERE.

Please comment or email me with any questions!

Thank you for reading!


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    Long time reader, first time to comment. Just wanted to let you know I shared your information on my Facebook page. As a speech therapist, I have been an advocate for universal hearing screenings and this is sooo important too! You are honoring you precious son so well- he'd be proud:) Knox and Sloane are absolutely adorable and I love your blog! God Bless, Brandi

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    We are one of those families sent home with no idea our baby was so sick. Luckily we found out before it was too late. I probably drive people crazy telling them how important it is to get their babies screened but I don't care. Thank you for this post

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    In Illinois, all babies by law have to be screened for metabolic disorders and have a hearing screening. Just days after my son was born, I got a call saying that one the disorders they screen- congenital adrenal hyperplasia- came back abnormal. He had to be retested, and thankfully he did not have CAH. It was a very scary week while we awaited the results, but it was comforting to know that they screened for these types of things because if he had something and we didn't know about it, it could have been very dangerous. Thank you for sharing this!

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