Never Forget

I cannot help but to watch all the television programs that come out about 9/11. Sometimes it feels weird to want to watch something that takes me back to a place where I wondered if my life was in danger. I felt attacked, physically and mentally. I felt scared.

I think it’s one of those days that none of us will every forget. There are days I won’t ever forget and 9/11 will always, always rank right up there.

It’s been eleven years and I still remember it so clearly.

What does 9/11 make me feel now? Sadness for those who lost a loved one…sadness for those whose life ended that day. I think about how the day and the situation impacted my life, but I think about how it really impacted others. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think 9/11 changed my perspective on life and my surroundings, but there are people out there that had their loved ones murdered. That makes my heart ache.

I think overall the attack on the World Trade Centers pulled our country closer together. It made us all realize that we aren’t promised tomorrow.

Evil didn’t win. We will always think about the people, not always about the evil. We might even choose to forgive, but we will never forget.

{this is a bit blurry because I took a pic of the TV, but I liked it and couldn’t find it online. It was in the NY Times on 9/11/11.}
{the image with black was off Facebook. no credit was posted for me to credit.}


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    My dear friend and her husband both worked in the south tower (10 floors apart from each other). When the north tower was hit her supervisor said it was an accident and told them to stay in the building. Against that advice she and her coworkers decided to evacuate. Once on the lower level, security would not let them exit the building due to falling debris. At this time the second plane hit the south tower. My friend pushed her way through security and ran for her life. She made it home, but was unable to reach her husband until 3:00 that afternoon, because phone lines were down. She recalls it as the longest wait of her life. The following day they returned to our hometown, north of NYC, and cried for an entire day while surrounded by their family.
    This is a story of 2 survivors from that day…two wonderful people who celebrate life every single day. May we never forget those who lost their lives and those who are here to tell the stories of survival!

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