My symptoms = Celiac Disease

Hmmmm….so where to begin.

I’ve always loved bread and pasta. Always.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My body wasn’t processing carbs and sugar. Instead, it was creating cysts on my ovaries with them.

I have always carried my “weight” in my stomach. Always.

I’m a pretty petite person, but my stomach has always had a decent amount of flubber, if you will. haha.

After having Cohen, my body really didn’t have time to get to a stand still. Within a few months we were trying to get pregnant. This is great for many reasons, Knox & Sloane being the obvious :)

So, from October 2009 until June 2012, I’ve been pregnant or nursing, except for a 6 month period before becoing pregnant with Knox & Sloane.

While nursing them for ten months, I felt great. I really had relatively good energy. I ate pretty healthy, but anything and everything. I ate a lot. I don’t think I started losing baby weight until they were about four months old. Then I lost all of it and a little more.

I stopped nursing and within a month I was feeling pretty awful. I knew I’d blog about it eventually, but I just kind of wanted answers before doing so. Why was I feeling so awful since I stopped nursing?

My symptoms have been:
– Extreme weight gain in my stomach but no where else. I might have even lost it in other places.
– Major fatigue. Major. I attributed some to lack of water intake, but I couldn’t tell a big difference once I increased. It wasn’t a fatigue where I could just go to sleep, though.
– Nausea after most meals
– Headaches
– Anxiety – I’ve always had a bit of anxiety, but mostly when riding in a car and riding in a car in inclement weather. For the past few weeks, I just feel anxious often, but about nothing in particular. It’s like I’ve been fatigue, but so uptight.

I THINK that’s about it. So, needless to say, all of these started hitting mid-end June and I’ve been dragging. I knew something wasn’t right.

Finally, I decided to stop complaining and wondering and actually go to the doctor. I went to a new doctor and I love her. She talked to me for probably two hours.

After going over everything..and I mean everything… she immediately said, “I bet you have Celiac Disease.”

Okay, so that never crossed my mind.

I’m not sure what I thought was going on. I knew the body does all kinds of crazy things after pregnancy. And who knew, I had been feeding Knox & Sloane gluten free waffles and bread. God was preparing me for my future, I suppose.

She tested me last week and called last night. I do have the Celiac gene and also positive food allergies for the wheat flour, I believe. The nurse was double checking on the allergies with her.

I had an abdominal ultrasound today so they could check everything.

I immediately said that I don’t understand how I can actually have the disease because I thought people with it were extremely sensitive and couldn’t even have a miniscule amount or even cross contamination with wheat flour. I know one person with immediate sensitivity. She said everyone’s sensitivity is different. Luckily, I don’t have an immediate reaction. Which from what I’ve gathered, immediate reactions include cramping and…well having to go to the bathroom….just getting sick.

She said I’ve always had it. However, it’s not been causing me issues, so it’s been a bit more dormant, until my body changed due to pregnancy, nursing, etc.

Essentially with Celiac, your body cannot process wheat flour. I am no expert, by any means, so I’m just spouting out what I remember the doctor saying and what little I’ve read in the past week. Basically in the 1960’s, wheat flour started becoming chemically engineered so that it would be mold resistant, bug resistant and to last longer.  With this, it made it extremely hard for people’s body to process. The way my doctor explained it, that many, many chronic illnesses are often people’s bodies reacting to/fighting/rejecting gluten. She’s also worked with people with MS, Parkinson, Autism and several other issues and by removing gluten, they improved drastically, especially Autism. She basically said that gluten is causing issues and making ones already present (genetic/hereditary) worse. She’s passionate about it.

So, she was right. I do have it. She said that in order for me to feel better…normal…..and not have the bloating and weight gain, I will have to eliminate it from my diet. Otherwise, all of the symptoms I mentioned above will get worse.

So, there is a good chance the PCOS is caused by this. Also, I have a auto-immune skin issue….since I was 11 years old…probably also caused by this. I look forward to both improving.

I’m really not too bummed. As weird as it seems, I’m thankful. I’m thankful to have an answer. I’m thankful to know that my body cannot process something that I’ve been trying to eat. I’m thankful to know I’ll feel normal again. I’m thankful to know that even if I have a bit of gluten here and there, I probably won’t have an immediate reaction.

So, feel free to share any sites…..resources, recipes, etc. :) That you in advance!

If you made it through this post, thanks for caring, haha!


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    Megan – I've read your blog for a while, but have never commented. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately, I am SUPER sensitive and have the nasty reactions you don't. I don't have a blog, but you are welcome to email me at any time with quesitons. Cooking for Isaiah – – is a great cookbook and their recipe for a homemade GF flour blend is one of the best I've found. I use it to make cakes, fried chicken, pancakes, everything! I order the raw ingredients either through Amazon or Vitacost. I live in the boonies, so you may have local resources to shop. Anyway – sorry for the insanely long comment! I know it can be frustrating for a newly diagnosed Celiac to figure things out – so I kinda spout off! Best of luck and I hope you feel better!

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    I've been gluten free for almost two years now! You will notice a significant difference in your energy and how your body feels within a month! Stick with it, even when it's hard to say no to holiday treats! 😉 My symptoms are worse now if I "mess up" than before taking it out of my diet.
    Good products:
    Glutino crackers (as close to Ritz as you can get gluten free)
    Jovial pasta
    King Arthur gluten free flour/products are the best! Their pizza crust mix is great!
    It's been an easy switch for me at home cooking, just replace everything (don't forget soups/broth) with the gluten free version!

    If you ever come to Little Rock, AR we have an AMAZING gluten free bakery called Dempsey Bakery. Their cakes taste like the real thing! The ship too!

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

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    I have Celiac Disease and I can't help it but it really does suck. I was diagnosed the day I found out I was pregnant. It has been a heck of a journey and I have fallen off the wagon. I wish you the best…I still haven't found bread that I enjoy. I hope it is a lot easier for you than it is for me.

    My symptoms are AWFUL after I started the diet, it is so weird…so don't break!

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    So sorry to hear you have Celiacs, I know a gluten free lifestyle will be a challeng – but I know you'll tackle it with your characteristic grace. Glad that you've gotten to the bottom of why you aren't feeling well and hopefully with this diagnosis you'll begin feeling better soon!

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    Many prayers to you! I have noticed some issued I have been having and wondered if getting rid of gluten would help me. I havent been to the doc, but maybe I should just to double check.

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    I'm glad you have answers, too! I went on a non-gluten diet when I was trying to get pregnant and was shocked at all the options. (Savastanos even has gluten free pizza!) Hope you're feeling 100% soon!!

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    We were suspicious that my youngest had Celiac, and while going through the testing process, she was put on a gluten free diet. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! Whole Foods has so many options, and even regular grocery stores are developing a bigger gluten free section.

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    I was diagnosed with Celiac two years ago. I've been taking supplements for iron defiency, dealing with migraines, and treating eczema for about 7 years. Turns out, all of it was due to Gluten. Like you, I do not have immediate reactions but it flared up like crazy one summer. Gluten free makes a huge difference and its really not hard. The hardest part is that everyone else is always very concerned about what I can and can not eat! Before long, it becomes your lifestyle, not a limitation. Greenacres Market in Jenks has a GF author doing a class/presentation this Saturday. You should look into it!

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    I wonder … if you tested positive for Celiac and you have skin issues that you think may be a result of Celiac … is it possible that Knox's skin issue may also be caused by Celiac? Is it possible he carries the gene also? Hopefully not … but possible?
    Take are of yourself and feel better soon.

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    My 4 yr old had an abdominal ultrasound this morning, too! we are trying to figure out her tummy issues, too! She tested negative for celiac & other food allergies, I am like you and ready for some answers for her! you can do this!!! Once you stated feeling better, that will encourage you as well.

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    I have been GF for 2 years almost. Once you remove gluten from your diet you will feel immensely better. After 3 days GF I felt weird. Weird meant I felt great I never knew that what I was feeling was normal for everybody else. Gluten effects are bodies so much I was having stomach issues, migraines, & endometriosis (infertility). I love the website alot of good info and what products have gluten. You will become a ingredient reader. Udi's bread is pretty good not awesome but good. Tinkyada noodles are yummy and don't get weird. It takes a bit to get rid of the wheat flavor and memory. Whole Foods & Trader Joe's have aisles of GF stuff. Good luck and I am glad you found out what was making you sick.

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    Still laughing at the Puppy Chow comment. I'm making some right now for my daughter who has Celiac. She's 6 and was just diagnosed this past March. It is an adjustment, but not a major one. I've found that almost anything she wanted, I could re-work the recipe to be Gluten and Dairy Free. (she also has a milk allergy) My first big purchase was a Break Maker and I haven't regretted it a day since. Good Luck on your new adventure! And make a list. Whole Foods has a website with a list of all the Gluten Free products they carry. I made my list, then drove the hour to the store where a nice manager walked me down the aisles showing me which brands were better. This helped me not to over-spend on this first Gluten-free shopping trip. Since then, I've found that I can buy bigger in bulk on the cookies and things she likes, and freeze most all of it in portions to suit us.

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    Oh man. I know how I felt when I was first diagnosed. It's overwhelming but a year later and it's second nature to me now and I can read food labels like a pro. Shoot me an email and I can give you some foods, which have been a trial and error process for sure. I actually found amazing pasta that tastes like the real stuff. Also, you can claim up to 7% of your house hold income on your taxes for food with Celiac, plus!!

    Do you need an endoscopy? I had one right after my blood work and then one a year later to see how my small intestine was healing.

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    I just ran across your blog a bit ago, but as a person with Celiac Disease, I know how hard it can be. Luckily, we are living in a society today that's better adapted to work with our allergy! From the many GF foods in grocery stores to great cookbooks and restaurants, you'll do wonderfully! It's a strange adjustment, but you'll see and FEEL the difference. It's totally worth it.

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    After being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis & premature ovarian aging (thought to both be auto immune related)back in 2008 I went GF on my own in hopes of improving my gastro intestinal related endo symptoms. I had always, always had weird belly issues but was always told it was ibs…Bc I went GF on my own I won't ever be able to be tested via blood or biopsy, once you go GF your body heals the damage but I can tell you for sure it has been a major change! I no longer have instant cramping/"speedys" after every meal,chronic headaces are gone,my skin is clear, my seasonal allergies are basically gone & I have a ton of energy, basically I doen't even have the desire to "cheat" bc I feel so amazing without wheat, and if I do get "glutened" I can tell within a few hours and it is horrible. As a fellow infertile (my son was concieved after many failed clomid cycles and several rounds of ivf/icsi, which finally worked after being GF for 6 months) there is also a link between gluten intolerance/celiac and infertility…very interesting!

    A few of my favorite brands:

    Quinoa (corn & Quinoa pasta)
    Udi's breads, bagels & pizza crusts
    Chex cereals (the chocolate & cinnamon ones are yummy!)
    Betty Crocker GF brownie & chocolate chip cookie mixes
    Cherry brook kitchen cake mixes (rhey are fluffy & moist)

    Lots of chain restaurants now also have GF menus

    PF Changs (LOVE!)
    The 99

    Lots of luck going GF, it really is so much easier in the past few years..I hope you are feeling great soon!

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    Good for you for finding out what was wrong. I suspected Celiac disease last year and went to the doctor to have the test. It was negative. However, the test can come back with a false negative. I still think I have a sensitivity. But I worry that I would never be able to create a menu for myself without gluten in it. I am not a good cook and don't know much about food and ingredients so there would be a huge learning curve.

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    I did almost this same blog today except for being diagnosed with celiac disease. Maybe I can get some help from your comments and new diet as well! Best wishes to you!

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    Megan, I personally have never been diagnosed with a gluten allergy. BUT I personally put myself on a gluten free, grain free, legume free, and dairy free diet (including trying to eat Paleo as often as possible). All I can tell you is that I've already lost over 15lbs and many inches just since June. It has made a HUGE difference in my life and I can truly tell a difference. As you can see, there are a lot of people with this allergy. I have a ton of websites including blogs that I can send you via email if you like. The thing your dr told you about the Wheat is what started me on my journey a few months ago. I accidentally came across a book called Wheat Belly Diet by Dr. William Davis. After reading that book and learning about how bad wheat and grains in general are for you, I was just shocked and blown away to say the least.

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    I would start with that book along with the other suggestions people have listed above. If you have any questions that I can answer for you, feel free to ask away! My mother and a good friend of mine have even began eating this way as well and it's really helped us all out tremendously. I just wish I had known about this many years ago as I too tend to gather the blubber in my front tummy. But because of this I'm slimmer than I've been in about the last 7 years. Good luck sweetie! There are a lot of great websites out there with awesome tasting recipes. And oh, because bread is my weakness too – I have an awesome bread recipe that is grain and wheat free and tastes delicious. Just let me know if you want the recipe and I'll be glad to pass it along! :)

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    a ton to read through with everyone's comments. not sure you'll even get mine. i too have celiacs. i too have PCOS. i too am fairly thin except around my waistline, and that only gets worse every pregnancy. i had trouble getting pregnant and found out through testing that way. I've known about it for just over 3 years. i don't have any symptoms really. i do get fatigued, but in that 3 years, i've been pregnant all but about 9 months of it. and 6 of those was nursing my first child. i would eat gluten freely when not pregnant and even cheat when pregnant the 2nd time. i lost the triplets (my second pregnancy) at 22 weeks and not because i was eating gluten, but i do blame it partially on that. i have cheated a little this pregnancy (as i'm 19 weeks pregnant now), but only the first few weeks. i had many complications in the beginning and found out it was all from the gluten. it destroys your insides even if you don't feel anything going on on the outside. i'm strictly gluten free now, but i'm sure once i have the baby i will cheat again. i miss many foods. pasta really does taste the same. i LOVE subs, and pizza, and it's just not the same, i've tried everyone out there. but then again, it's better than nothing at all (1st world problems, i know). my email is

    i'll let you in on all my findings if you would like. just let me know. some of it's trial and error and wasted money….but when you find the right products it's not that bad. glad you figured it out and glad you aren't bummed about it. it destroyed me for a bit finding out because my mother has it and i hated all her food growing up. i'm used to yummy food, and let's face it, gluten is yummy! haha.

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering without knowing for so long. My sister is gluten intolerant & wasn't diagnosed until age 25. She's 35 now & says she doesn't miss it from her diet at all. She doesn't have celiac, but rather Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Her advice to most people is to just cook things that naturally don't have glutens in them rather than trying to substitute something. She also always tells people to try many different brands of GF foods. Just because you don't like one brand doesn't mean they are all terrible. I hope this helps!

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    Check out this site:
    They have a lot of recipes and tips on what/where to buy Gluten free items cheaply. Amazon has tons of gluten free items generally quite reasonable in price. Also, Domino's Pizza (not sure if it's in your area) now has gluten free crust. The good news is that since it has become so prevalent, it's a lot easier to find quality products at reasonable prices. Good luck.

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    I've been following your blog for years now and love it :). I am going through a lot of health problems myself but have not been successful getting a diagnosis. I put myself on a Paleo diet to see if it would help with my symptoms and it drastically does. Paleo is definitely worth researching. Many people with celiac follow this eating plan. Not only is it gluten free, it's grain free. I've learned that all grains have similar proteins as gluten and removing all of then from your diet can be extremely beneficial to your digestion and health. I highly recommend the book It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Lookup The Whole30 :).
    Also, Everyday Paleo and the Paleo Mom. Good luck and I hope you start feeling better!
    – Katie @

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    Hey!! My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 years ago. Since she has changed her diet, she feels and looks so much better. Before she goes to certain restaurants she'll check to make sure they have something there for her to eat. Believe it or not, their are alot of restaurants that have a gluten-free menu. It took a while for her doctor to figure out what she had too, but after several tests and going back and forth to the doctor…they were able to figure out what it was.

    I'm glad you were able to get some answers from your doctor. I hope you get to feeling like yourself again real soon. :)

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    Glad you have your answer and you know how to make it better! My sister-in-law has celiac, and is very VERY sensitive to gluten. She did say that as soon as she changed her diet, she noticed extreme positive changes almost immediately. Hopefully you'll be feeling well again SOON! :)

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    Hi Megan – I've followed your blog for quite awhile now but have never actually commented :) I really enjoy reading everything you have to say but this struck a particular chord with me because my husband has a gluten sensitivity. He was diagnosed several years ago, before we were married, actually, and since then I have been working to prepare delicious, g-free meals for a quite picky Midwestern boy who loves meat and potatoes (both of which are g-free, yay!), casseroles (not so g-free) and other hearty meals. I could write you a novel about being g-free and cooking g-free and shopping g-free but instead I'll tell you the one thing I wish someone would have told me at the beginning of our journey which is: Before you go out and buy every g-free item on the shelf, every g-free cookbook out there and scour the internet for anything and everything g-free, pick up a few bags of gluten free baking mix (we like Bob's Red Mill and Pamela's) and use that when a recipe calls for flour. Otherwise, there are SO MANY recipes you can slightly modify to be g-free and you will never miss the flour/wheat/etc. Best wishes to you and here's hoping you are feeling back to "normal" again soon.

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    Hi Megan! Your doctor sounds like a really good one. I believe I read you also live in Tulsa. Do you mind me asking her name? I moved here a few years ago and have yet to find a PCP I love. Thanks! :)

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    I've never commented on your blog, but have been reading for years – I've been gluten free for over 10 years (diagnosed with Celiac before there was an easy blood test for it).

    I love for buying food (or for seeing what is available and then looking for it at the store). If you have them in your area, Trader Joes also has a list online of all of their gluten free products and the actual products have a little symbol on them (I think it's a green box with a g in it).

    Two things I will add – celiac is more than just wheat, it's anything with gluten in it – which includes other grains also. If you aren't very sensitive then you won't have to be super diligent (and makes you super lucky). Second, make sure to read labels, there are some things that you would never expect to have wheat in them, that do (like soy sauce, for example).

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    Hey Megan,

    I love your blog and I'm so glad you got an answer as to why you weren't feeling well.

    I wanted to point out though that while GF diets certainly work for people with Celiac disease there is not enough research to support that it is successful for children with autism. Lots of families often try this diet, some see improvements in their children while others do not. Some children with autism benefit from certain diets but certainly not all. It's important, especially for children with autism, that treatments be evidence based. For anyone looking for evidence based treatments for autism the National Standards Report is great. Thanks for bringing awareness to Celiac disease and make sure to share some of your favoirte recipes:)

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    I've left you a few comments but I will tell you that even after my L outgrew his wheat allergy we decided as a family to stay gluten-free. Gluten is very hard to process; the way it's produced now, anyway. I cheat from time to time but always regret it. My top brands to recommend are Udi's, Rudi's, Enjoy Life, and Kinnickinick. I've tried brown rice pasta and find it slimy, so I prefer Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta. It's definitely more expensive…and worth every single penny. I can't wait to hear how different you feel in about a month. Feel free to email me anytime with questions.

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    Megan – Glad to hear you have an answer. I did not have any symptoms but my Grandmother has Celiac and wanted us to get tested. I have been gluten free for five years and it has gotten so much easier in that time. It does mean reading labels and being careful when you eat at restaurants but it is worth it! Just don't 'cheat'- if you have Celiac, gluten causes damage. The internet is a great resource for recipes of things you may be craving.
    In Charlotte we have a great GF community and support group You should see if there is one in your area!
    I have a seven month old and will be getting her tested when she turns three. We keep a food log and will be offering gluten in moderation once she is eating more regular foods (otherwise the test will be negative if there is no gluten in her system). My husband does not follow a gf diet (or need to) so we use separate cutting boards and cooking utensils to minimize cross-contamination.
    Contact me if you have any questions. The transition can be challenging, but worth it for your health.

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    Wow! I'm so glad you got some answers! I know exactly how it feels to finally get a diagnosis and know that you can do something about it to make you feel better. Such a relief!

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    The writer of this blog was recently diagnosed also and is writing about her recipes and diet. Might want to check her out.

    Julie :)
    Vibrant Designs

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    Megan Ive been reading for some time now and it just came to me. You need to get Knox tested. Gluten is in more things then you would think. My niece is 9 and she was diagosed about three years ago after no weight gain and her skin. Now that she has been off gluten her skin is great along with everything else. If nothing else just make sure you read every label of anything you or knox put into your month. By the way did you know that some chewing gum has gluten??? For real check EVERY LABEL!!!!!! Good luck and im sure you will see a difference in your self within a couple of weeks!!!!

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    Megan… I love your blog, and have read so often, and hardly ever comment. I have also emailed only once but I also have PCOS so I understand… Wheat is in so much, as is Gluten .. Label read, and keep everything in check. Good luck.

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    Megan, I'm sorry to hear you have Celiac. My husband and I stopped eating grains and processed foods 6 months ago and feel amazing. We don't have an allergy to wheat, but have read lots of research indicating how damaging they are for our bodies. We've lost 20 pounds each, and have tons of energy. You might love all of your new found energy. I'd look into eating "paleo." Or, eating "primal" and The best book for recipes is called Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillipo. It has 30-day eating plans, and even has a section for people with auto-immune diseases. Following this plan might help your gut & digestive system heal before reintroducing certain foods. There is a great network of support for this on the web… I am sure you will find it for yourself. Joy, Sara in Iowa

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    Good luck with this I am sure it will be hard! In Tulsa Old School bagel was GF bagels now. Genghis Grill is great for gluten free because you can get brown rice. PF CHangs has a great GF menu. Just thought I would mention a few of my friend's favorites since she is GF!

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    Hi Megan! I have been A reader for a while & love your blog. My husband & I are originally from Dallas but have been in Tulsa for about 5 yrs now. I have been looking for a good primary care physician the entire time we have been here. I have tried so many. I have been wanting to go see a doctor bc I suffer from many of the same problems but just haven't found one I am comfortable with. I want a female doctor & you speak so highly of the one you went to see I wonder if you mind sharing her name. You can email me at if you would like. I would greatly appreciate it. I have 2 girls, a 2.5 yr old & a 5 month. I'm ready to get whatever this is under control!! Thanks!

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    I had similar symptoms after Pregnancy. It was diagnosed as postpartum depression.
    Stress from a job that no one prepared us for.:(
    I hope changing your diet helps, but if it doesn't you might want to read up on this new motherhood syndrome. It does go away, I promise. Hormones can do many strange things to a body, especially having twins. My sisters both had fraternal twins and many maladies afterwards.
    Rest when you can sweetheart.

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    Thank you for sharing your story! I hope the change in diet has you feeling better. I've always suspected I might have Celiac but I've never been tested. After reading your post I am going to discuss with my doctor next time I go in for a visit.

    I too have an auto immune skin issue (Psoriasis) and have always suspected my diet greatly influences it (worse when I am eating more gluten). If that is what you have do you mind replying or email me directly? I'm curious if you see a difference in your symptoms

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      Katie, I've read a lot of information about auto immune skin issues being drastically helped when people eliminate wheat/gluten/grains, etc. Maybe try the book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilipo. It is a cook book and text book rolled into one. It is so helpful. There is a 30-day eating plan specifically for people with auto-immune diseases. Maybe it would help your Psoriasis. Joy to you, Sara

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    I was just diagnosed with Celiacs in June and man has it been a struggle!! I wish I could say the same as some of the other commenters that it wasn't hard or it has been an easy transition…I have had the worst time! ha My symptoms actually seemed to get worse once I cut out Gluten, but I also think I am just more AWARE of what it is now so maybe it just seems worse. Someone told me that it took their bodies a couple yrs to fully adjust and the symptoms to go away, even when they knew something they were eating was totally GF! I have the straight stomache issues for symptoms, which my dietician told me she rarely sees. She had more commonly seen symptoms like yours. I have also always had anemia and some anxiety which now I know is related to the Celiacs. I read that it can be "triggered" at any time which was the case for me, I never had any symptoms until after I had my first child, and pregnancy/childbirth is listed as one of the triggers. It IS so much better for you though, and whatever the case may be it is always such a relief to at least KNOW what is going on with your body. I recently had my kids' tested and I was shocked their blood tests came back negative, but very glad because GF food is so expensive!! Look for a Celiac support group in your area, that is what I started to do anf I LOVE it. Good luck!! :)

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    Hi Megan sorry I have been mia – life without my son has been a struggle to say the least. I know you understand. Blogs just don't seem important to me any more – BUT….I had to comment on this.

    My niece was ill for YEARS – a crazy amount of time before they figured this out – hello Celiac disease. Switching to gluten free has been a blessing :) As she puts it – now she shops the edges of the grocery stores (fresh produce, meats, etc…) and skips the middle aisles. Thankfully most resturants offer gluten free options now – so have no fear! Your dinners out will still be fantastic. Now my other niece (her sister) has been ill since January – sadly they diagnozed her with Crohn's disease – she is struggling so much right now with how to manage this. Poor thing has lost over 30 pounds so far.

    Just wanted to give you hope that this is truly manageable. I hope you start to feel better very soon.

    xxoo – Diane

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    MY friend just emailed me to check out your blog because I have been eating a gluten free diet for a few months now. I have some of the same symptoms as you but my most serious symptom is migraines. I have a long history of migraines and occipital neuralgia since about 11 years old but only a few times a month. in the past two years (coincidentally after I had my first child…) I have been dealing with severe migraines every day. My neurologist put me on several different meds and I am even scheduled for Botox injections to relieve the pain in October. I finally got so sick of them, I decided to take matters in my own hands so I did a lot of research and found blogs like yours with people who have said going GF has tremendously reduced migraines. I am not sure if I have celiac disease but I MUST have a gluten sensitivity because I have gone from about 25-29 migraines per month down to 15-18 per month and the only thing I changed was removing all forms of gluten from my diet. Even though my Neurologist doesn't think gluten is the culprit of my migraines, I think it has to be part of the problem among other things (extreme light, stress, other food triggers, etc). Anyway I said all of that to say anytime I read someone else's struggles related to issues around this, I always feel encouraged because so far going GF has helped me live much a much more happy and productive life the past few months and I plan to continue this lifestyle of GF. Good luck to you and I hope going GF helps you too!


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    I have been reading your blog for a long time and never had commented until now.
    My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 9 years ago she is now 15. Let me tell you how in 9 years grocery shopping has gotten so much easier. My younger 2 kids and my husband have it also. I tested negative but wonder if I have it, I feel better being Gluten Free, and I have autoimmune skin issues and PCOS also. My Dr told me 9 years ago that Celiac is a dominating gene, so chances are one or both of your kids have it too.
    You can still have muddy buddies, Thanks to chex being gluten free!! My kids love that cereal.
    If you ever have any questions you can email me! I love to help people figure this out! Also alot of restaurants have a gluten free menu now.

  45. says

    I'm glad you have an answer. You always look so beautiful I had no idea you were suffering. I know you will handle having this with grace and a positive attitude like always!

  46. says

    I am so sorry to hear this!!! I have popped into check on your blog every so often for a while now. Stumbling on your blog at this moment is actually a blessing to me. Two days ago my 6 year old sons blood work came back positive for Celiac. We haven't met with the GI yet. I am a little sad and nervous but, like you said, I am thankful for an answer!!! I feel God has been preparing us for this disease for awhile now. Praying for you as you start this new adventure with food!!

  47. says

    I have had major (!!) stomach issues for years and actually have an appt with an allergist on Monday to get tested. My endocrinologist recommended it, and I have many of the same symptoms you describe – PCOS, skin issues, fatigue, weight gain around middle even though I eat well and am a runner. I hope you feel better, and I do too!

  48. says

    megan- i found your blog via ago….. I had followed for quite awhile before I realized your mother in law took my 1st daughters newborn pics! small world- anyway, we live in sand springs- actually the keystone lake area- but since I have had AK, I have had so many of the issues you mentioned…… it was like reading my own story here. I have seen a dr in tulsa, but I am not sure he knows what he is talking about- would you mind messaging me the name of your dr? I am going to start cutting out gluten NOW & hopefully start feeling better, I have lost all of my baby weight except in my belly, I want to sleep all.the.time & my headaches are happening more often than not. this blog post is such a relief for me because I feel like maybe I can get an answer to why I feel like I am falling apart

  49. says

    I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2005 (I had the biopsy during my second pregnancy). I have lots of GF recipes on my blog if you're interested. It was really hard for me living in France – you know, to walk by those fragrant bakeries. I even made a delicious (though messy) attempt at chocolate éclairs. :-)

    It does feel so much better – courage.

  50. says

    So glad you found the answer to your woes. My SIL also has celiacs, and hers is immediate! The Blog world will be a great resource for you! Hope you are feeling better and not having a hard time deciding what to eat!

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