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I hope you all had a good weekend!

I'll announce the J.Crew gift card winner tomorrow evening :)

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Knox woke up from his nap on Thursday....
feeling pretty yucky with a low fever. It continued to go up and by Friday morning it was 103. I took him in and the doctor basically said it was just a virus and he had a super red throat. I figured it was sore based on his eating/drinking. He checked him from strep, but thankfully, it was negative. His fever broke, but we stayed in for the weekend.  We were bummed to miss our friends first birthday party, but the doctor said it was best since he had a pretty high fever for a while.

He was really, really crabby all day Saturday, but before bed he finally started giving some smiles and playing. He didn't eat much on Saturday, but was back to normal on Sunday.

sweet cuddles...
I don't mind these lazy weekends at all. We all laid around and played. We mostly stayed in our jammies. Knox & Sloane both took long naps. Hopefully Sloane was sleeping off whatever virus before she actually catches it. Very rare that one gets it and the other doesn't. Now we are just praying the bumps that popped up on Knox today don't turn into his after-virus-rash.

Brent and I watched lots of Parenthood. I can't believe we haven't been watching it all along! We just started Season 2 today.

lovies playing...

I think the pics are blurry even though they are a bit blurry. They are just busy bees.

Brent was hiding Slonae's baby doll and it was so funny watching her look for it.

It can be very miserable, for everyone, when baby is sick, but I love the extra snuggles and the calm weekends.

I'm about to work on a menu for this week. We had turkey burgers tonight. It was our first time with gluten free buns and we thought they were pretty good!

We are getting hooked on some other fall TV shows. Well, for the time being. We are giving some a chance, but I doubt they all stick. Are DVR fills up quickly, so who knows if we will actually get through them all.

*PLEASE keep our little friend, Natalie, in your prayers tomorrow as she undergoes her fourth open heart surgery. She is three years old.

Hope you all have a good Monday tomorrow!


  1. omg Megan.... look at Sloae's hair, little curls in the back... tooo sweeet!

  2. you're kiddos are so cute! also love Parenthood, so happy the new season finally started :)

  3. Sweet Knox. I hope he can avoid the rash this time and I'll pray that Sloane avoids the virus!

    Also, all of my pictures seem to be blurry lately. I think it's definitely a side effect of busy toddlers. The good thing about this? I'm actually using my good camera...and just bumping up the shutter speed. ;)

  4. Aww sick babies make me sad too. Quinn has been stuffy and waking up in the middle of the night. Even though I'm exhausted I'm so happy when he lets me snuggle and rock him back to sleep.

  5. I hope your sweet babies feel better soon!
    What GF buns are you trying?? My son was diagnosed with Celiac disease one week ago today. We are still gluten lovers until his GI tells us to make the big switch. (We meet him on Thursday) I would love to see the menu plan you come up with. Please share it! :)

  6. I LOVE Parenthood. It is one of my favorite shows ever! You guys will love it.

  7. I hope Know is feeling better, and Sloane managed to escape getting the virus!


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