Just hanging out….

Happy Friday :)

This is kind of a picture dump, but that’s probably no surprise, haha.

We’ve had a good week, a little busy, but fun.

Knox & Sloane are changing everyday. Seriously, they look different..and act different….eat more. It kind of blows my mind. Sloane is walking and Knox is, but still crawling, too. He’s just still a bit unsteady.

Brent and I started Insanity. It is a bit insane. I’ve never been very big into working out and doubt I ever will be, but I’ve actually been wanting to do this…even after this first day. We had a few evening obligations this week so we missed a day or two, so we hope to start more consistently next week or maybe even do it in the mornings.

I always love when I wake up before everyone, but it doesn’t happen to often. Well, it does, but I usually wake up only when Knox starts squirming. So, it’s typically just a few minutes until he’s ready to exit his crib.

The first few pics are from last week. I have still been putting them in summer outfits this week and last. It’s been in the 90’s here, but is starting to cool down. They still won’t wear them all, though. I over bought, naturally. In my defense, Knox has been pretty petite and hasn’t worn a lot of his 😉

I love watching them play so I’ve been trying to take some pics and video.

Last Saturday, Brent and I took the babies to breakfast. They had a nice time and enjoyed people watching, haha. For lunch, we met my parents for lunch. Yes, we were wearing our razorback colors :)

Still enjoying their wagon. Brent took them for a stroll in their jammies last Sunday. 
Brent and I had a nice 10 year “together” anniversary. We did insanity and ate dinner, haha. He did pick me up these pretty flowers :)
Sloane has been a little ham this week. She loves carrying things around and she loves getting her food ALL over her. 
Can we also talk about how Sloane started signing “more” after I did it to her only twice. Baby genius. 
Brent and I went to a Hall & Oates concert this week. It was fun. They sing SO many songs that are/were once popular. I’m not sure if they actually do new songs, but I promise you’d know a lot of their old ones. 
I think this is my first pic to snap of the both of them walking at the same time. It was surreal. I have two babies. Walking. 
And because who doesn’t love Snow White…
You may notice Knox & Sloane snacking now while they play. They are obsessed with these…

Last night Brent and I went to a birthday dinner for Jessica. It was such a nice time hanging with our friends! The dinner and gold speckled cupcakes were delicious.

Have a good day!! :)


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    I must try those Goldfish crackers. Anything vanilla cupcake is a must! As always, love the photos of the kiddos, too cute! Good luck with them both walking at the same time, lots of running around! =)

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    They are precious! I have TWO days left of Insanity! I have gotten up at 5 every morning for the last 9 weeks to do it before my 3 kiddos get up. It hasn't been easy, but I am so proud I have reached my goal. I am so much stronger too! It's a good feeling!

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