Heading Home

Today I’m sharing my story about bringing baby, or in my case babies, home from the hospital….along with a few tips!

I first blogged about our coming home experience here. It still melts my heart to look at that post. 

I would say first and foremost have your car seat ready. Essentially, you should not be able to leave the hospital without a car seat.
A baby is only safe in the car if it is in a car seat. Period. I’m really not sure how that works, but we brought our infant car seats/carries up to the room to put Knox & Sloane in them. No one came out to our car, but maybe they would have had we just carried the babies out in our arms. I’m really not sure. I do think that if a baby has been in the NICU or is a preemie, there is someone there to check to make sure they are car seat ready before leaving the hospital. There is typically a starting weight listed in the manual of the car seat.

For our car seat, we did quite a bit of research and spoke with many different people that had the seats we went with. We pulled them out of their boxes a few weeks before I was scheduled to deliver. I wanted to make sure I got the gist of how they worked. I had done lots of car seat duties with our nieces and nephew over the past seven years, so I figured most car seats were about the same. I was right. Though I can definitely see if you’ve never dealt with a car seat before, it could be tricky.

Brent went to one of our local fire stations to watch a demonstration on installing the car seat as well as the baby. It’s important to not only put the baby in the car seat, but to make sure it’s secured for optimal safety.

I’m not sure if most fire stations offer regular demonstrations, but you could definitely call yours and see. I also think Babies R Us does them as well, maybe once a month, if I remember correctly from reading a flyer.

While packing our bags for the hospital, I also determined what would be good outfits for Knox & Sloane to come home in. It was at least 100 degrees when we left the hospital so I knew they wouldn’t need anything too warm and cozy. With me being a tad obsessive, I even had a back up outfit, mostly because my friend’s little man pooped all over his coming home outfit and didn’t have anything to wear, haha!

I really wanted to ride in the back seat with Knox & Sloane, but because of my c-section, I really wasn’t able to just hop on in. I would have had to sit in the middle because there was a car seat on each side. It’s still crazy to think and of course I’ll never forget actually seeing it. Two babies, in our car…going home. Praise God.

I wanted Brent to drive as slowly as possible. I felt pretty at ease and safe and I was ready to get home, but I was still just thinking about being as cautious as possible. I don’t trust other people on the road, at all.

Your sweet baby will get home safely! Just get them snug as a bug…in a rug…in their car seat :)

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