Favorite weekly buys…

Target is too close and I simply cannot resist fun things.

The majority of these things I actually needed, and luckily, they came in fun patterns. 
Chevron packaging tape? Yes, please…..
Bright padded mailers? I love them. 
I’m always a bit hesitant on the skull thing, but I always see them out around Halloween. I bought a cute glitter one a few years ago and Target had a mercury glass one this year. I can’t resist mercury… 
This one is random, and not from Target, but if you love white cheddar, this is for you. It’s delicious. 
I had some friends selling some of their kiddos clothes and I snagged this skirt for Sloane. We have a little western birthday party to attend soon, so I’m hoping it fits :)
I bought my first shellac manicure on Friday. I’ve not gotten a manicure or pedicure in a LONG time. I think maybe October of 2010. I’m just not usually a fan. My feet are ticklish and I wash a lot of dishes, so polish never last on my hands, so I hate paying for it besides doing it from a bottle myself. Everyone told me to give shellac a try, so while at another friend’s birthday celebration, on Friday, I got one. I’m loving it so far! 
There are two more buys, also a bit Halloween festive, that I’ll post once I take their pic. 
Any favorite buys this week that you want to share??

Tomorrow, I’m giving away a big gift card to a store most of us love! :)

Happy Sunday! 


  1. says

    I am headed to target after I catch up on some blogs!! Love that tape!!

    I used to do shellac, when my disposable income was a bit higher, I LOVE it. Mine always lasted at least 2 weeks and I think I only had it chip once. It's awesome stuff and didn't ruin my nails.

    And that jean skirt is so cute!!

  2. says

    I feel like I sometimes hoard paper products like some people hoard pretty bags and shoes and the like. And I mean not just stationery. Like the chevron tape up there? I NEED IT. and the same goes for pretty padded envelopes. I am SUCH a sucker for those things! Love!! Hope you had a splendid weekend, friend! PS. Love your shellac mani! Prior to having Maclane, I was getting my nails shellac'ed every 4-5 weeks for 8 months!! I miss those days 😉

  3. says

    Duude, that chevron tape is killer.

    I love Shellac manis (LOVE LOVE) but they can be a bit killer to remove. And having someone GOOD apply them is kinda critical, since you can't just take it off quickly/easily.

    Also, is that your wedding/engagement ring? I don't feel like I've ever seen it before – and it's GORGEOUS.

    Because of you I'm craving mostly mercury glass centerpieces at my wedding. No joke, it's an all-out obsession.

  4. says

    I loved my shellac because it dried immediately! However, within a few days it started chipping off and I chose to just ignore it instead of going back and having her soak it off. BIG MISTAKE! It totally ruined my nails and it took about a year for them to recover. I have awesome natural nails, but don't ever apply polish myself and I did the shellac for a special event. Never again.

    So I guess the moral of my story is, do not pick at any chips and go back to your technician to have the shellac soaked off or have the shellac reapplied to the chipped nails.

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