Constant Change

When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I immediately began to wonder if I knew anyone with twins and who I could talk to about twins.

Who could I ask questions?

When I was pregnant with Cohen, I never really thought I needed to read books to learn about parenting or what to do and what not to do. I was gifted some books and I definitely referenced them, but I never really sat down and read them.

The same thing kind of happened with the twins. I got several twin books, but I didn’t complete one of them. I mostly browsed the sections I had interest in or questions regarding.
I really felt like asking people what worked for them. Lucky for me, I’m in the age of social media and I had moms surrounding me. Not only moms, but moms of multiples. I wanted to ask advice and opinions. I also felt as though I wanted to ask someone who had recently experienced twins. I wasn’t sure why and then the further along I got and the more people I talked to, I realized, things are always changing. Of course, I knew I would make my own judgements once Knox & Sloane arrived, but I think most of all I was needing to feel like I had someone there who had gone through where I was headed.

Since I was off my feet the majority of my pregnancy, I had quite a bit of time to browse the Internet. Something I also noticed rather quickly on message boards and in online stores: products had been changed, recalled, improved or become obsolete.

Things constantly change.

When I was researching carseats, I remember someone in our family asking how long kids were in carseats these days. I responded that their first one is such and such and then the next one is longer. They looked at me puzzled. You mean you have to get two? Well, there are some you don’t have to get two of, but if you want an infant carrier, you do. So, as you can gather, things had changed quite a bit since that family member had an infant.

Carseat “rules” seem to vary from state to state. There may actually be laws, but they don’t really give you a book about them when you become pregnant. We have and will go by what our Pediatrician tells us. Brent also went and took a course about carseats the week before the babies were born.

My mom said when I was a baby that it was highly advised to keep a baby sleeping on their tummy. Well, these days, the back is recommended. There will probably be a great debate, but if experts have found a need for change, I’m pretty open to obliging.

So with all this change, it’s hard to keep up and unfortunately, a little bit harder to listen to advice from the grandparents or your elders. I feel bad, but I can’t count the times that I’ve told my mom, “that’s not recommended anymore.” It’s not that I really think one is better or worse, but I just err on the side of caution, I suppose. How could I not?

Does all this change rack your brain when determining what is a good fit for you and your baby?

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    I can see this "change" thing so much clearer now that I am a grandparent! When my daughters were little, my mother gave me advice on doing things. She was pretty much an expert since there were four of us but I can remember just like it was yesterday telling her "Mom, their little systems can't handle solids of any kind until they are 6 months old." She had started us on cereal at about 2 – 3 weeks! Just in thirty short years, things are totally different. I see it in my grandchildren and how things are being done with them. Guess it just continues to change as they find out new stuff. Whatever you are doing with Sloane and Knox, it is working! THEY ARE PERFECT!

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    My MIL used to go to bat against the husband and I on our choices. We would hear from others things she would say about our choices.nwe finally had to have a sit down about times do change and there is probably good reasoning behind them.

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    Oh my favorite is when people learn I cloth diaper, immediately curl up their nose in disgust (obvsiously wondering WHY anyone on God's green Earth would fathom using such "dated" items when disposables are available) and then me pulling one out of my purse and their jaw hitting the floor. CDing has come a long way baby…haha!!!

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    I'm not usually one for giving unsolicited advice, but *please* be wary of taking your pediatrician's advice on carseats without researching things yourself. While they are quite knowledgeable about so many things, many peds are unfortunately behind-the-times on current recommendations, laws, and/or models where that's concerned. Also, the laws usually are the bare minimum in terms of safety. Just in the last year or so, the APA recommendation has changed from at least 20lb and 1 year before turning a baby forward facing to at least two years or as long as possible based on the weight limit of your child's seat. Rear-facing is far more protective and injury rates are far less than for forward facing. The seat technology is constantly changing also. What was Britax's top-of-the-line seat when I bought my first convertible seat 4 years ago is now their base model. A good way to think about it is that each time you feel like you're "graduating" your child to a bigger-kid seat, you are providing them less protection. I'm sure there are exceptions, but an infant carrier generally has more protective qualities than a convertible seat, which has more than a five-point-harness booster, which has more than a high-back booster, etc.

    Your babies are precious!!

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      Thanks, Julie!! We are definitely planning to keep Knox & Sloane rearing facing for quite a while. They are on the small side so maybe even longer than normal…..which is also the advice our ped gave :) Knox & Sloane wouldn't hardly fit in their infant carriers any longer so it was bittersweet to see them go!

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      Like The Crummy Chronicles, I was shocked when our ped told us we could turn our oldest at one year old since I knew that wasn't true given that she only weighed 16lb10oz. We're about to have to give up the infant carrier for our 20 month old. She's well within the weight limit (18lb8oz), but her head only has another 2" before it reaches the top of the shell, so it's almost time since they have to have 1" in order to "fit" properly. I'm in the minority big time among my friends and family for A) keeping my children RF far past the 20lb minimum and B) not buying a convertible seat ASAP, but it's not my driving I worry about – it's the other 'crazies' on the road. Sadly, a friend's cousin was rear ended in April and despite being properly restrained, her 3 year old died in the crash (the three other children had varying levels of injury but all are okay now). I was conservative about carseat safety before that – now I'm practically fanatical. I know how much effort you go to to protect your children from needless toxins and dangers, so even though you don't know me from Adam, I felt compelled to say something about seat safety in case your ped wasn't up-to-date. So happy to learn that it's not an issue! :)

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    I agree with Julie. My pediatrician was shocked at the time that I wasn't turning my son's car seat around when he turned one. But I advised her that I had researched it and it was SO much safer to keep a child rear facing. My oldest just now got his car seat turned around to forward facing and he's 4 1/2! Grandparents didn't understand at first until I had them watch the crash test videos then it made sense. Keep those precious babies rear facing as long as possible! And all this change makes me wonder sometimes what we do now that will be obsolete in the future but I know God wants us to make educated choices but at the same time not worry so that's what I try to do.

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      Hi lady!! Luckily, our ped is on the same page as all of us! We will be keeping Knox & Sloane rear facing for as long as possible! I wish that they would make it required for parents to know this stuff BEFORE leaving the hospital and at doctor appts….bc I know it's not told to everyone…and information varies, which is unfortunate!!

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    It's a funny thing how times change! I remember when my grandmother came to visit in the hospital. I had a c-section with Lainey so when she was done holding her, she placed her in the bed, on her tummy. Of course, being a new mommy, I panicked before realizing she had raised 4 kids, had 13 grandkids and 4 great grandkids. Lainey always sleeps on her tummy.

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