A few things re: yesterday’s post….

Thank you all SO much for the feedback yesterday. I knew a lot of people had Celiac Disease, but I’m realizing more and more do. People are also saying that even if you don’t have the disease, it’s pretty common to still have issues with it.

I had NO idea, on so many levels, things people mentioned. People have cut gluten and seen changes in fertility issues to mirgraines and the list goes on.

I encourage you to read the comments.

The symptoms I have been having, may not indicate Celiac Disease for you but apparently it did for me. A lot of you said you were having the same symptoms. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor. My doctor said in med school, her professors told her she would never see a case of Celiac. She worries most doctors aren’t even that educated on it if they were told the same.

I know this will be an on-going learning experience for me. I know I have a lot to learn.

Obviously this is something I’m going to be passionate about, but I promise it won’t take over my blog. I worry people think, oh geez, another “issue” she’s going to jabber about, ha! Of course I talk about the things I’m passionate about, but I try not to harp on them. Otherwise, you would be reading about congenital heart defects everyday.

Anyways, I had quite a few comments and emails so I thought I’d address some them overall, right now. I’ll also go back and do each comment and email sometime today or this evening. So if you asked something specific, check back.

A few people asked about Knox’s skin. We will have both babies tested for Celiac, but I’m not sure when just yet. I’ll ask at my follow-up in a few weeks.  As far as food goes, the only gluten they had been getting were a few snacks. I’ve tried to start cutting those to no gluten. They have been consistently eating brown rice pasta, Van’s GF waffles and Udi’s bread since food was introduced. I will say, after cutting most of their gluten snacks this past week after I was tested, we can already tell a difference in how often they poop and the consistency of it. Sorry, maybe TMI for some, but just stating the facts.

Autoimmune disorders are more common with CD. Knox gets his rash after he has a virus. They hope it just may be his immune system developing since no tests are pointing towards anything else. I definitely think it could be CD related, but no way to know at this point, I don’t think.

A lot of people asked about my skin issue. From what my most current dermatologists believes, it’s autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. I was actually getting ready to do testing for it when I became pregnant with Cohen, so I haven’t haven’t gone through the actual process, but it’s almost all that’s left on the list. Luckily, I’ve not had major issues with it since my pregnancies. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in the past eighteen years for it. Basically, my skin hates my hormones. The first time I ever started my cycle, I got shingles. For the past eighteen years, I get a rash on my hands, elbows, knees and feet, mostly hands. I’ve blogged a pic or two before, but I can’t think in what post specifically.

I had a bit of feedback on Autism. My doctor did not state that she believes gluten causes Autism, but just that she has pulled kids off gluten and has seen a difference, as in completely different child. She also mentioned changing one baby off formula (most have gluten) and that baby becoming a completely different baby. It was at a point where it should have been making eye contacting, interacting, etc. and it wasn’t.

People talked about how the sensitivity gets worse once you start the GF diet. I didn’t think about that, and while that really stinks if it happens, I guess it does make sense. I know that in the past, when I’ve gone for a long stretch eating “good” or non-processed, and then I do, I always get a little sick to my stomach. The way it says, GF may be a bit more extreme after cutting.

Thank you all again for the feedback, sites, resources, etc. If you have anything else, please comment or email me! :)

and because I can’t get enough….

Happy Wednesday :)

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    I appreciate you clearing up your Autism statement from yesterday. Even though your doctor acting as if a BABY was showing signs of Autism and suddenly a diet change made them make eye contact, etc is still a bit ridiculous; I at least want to thank you for clearing up that gluten could somehow cause Autism or that by taking it away, it would somehow cure it. Because your post yesterday DID read like your doctor thinks gluten has something to do with curing Autism…which is absolutely abhorrent to me.

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      Hi Julie – I apologize for the post reading that way. She definitely did not indicate she believed it to be the cause, but she did state on several, if not many, occasions she had pulled gluten and seen a major improvement in whatever issue a child or baby was having. She did specially say she had seen changes in Autism and she does work with many children. She talked about the baby immediately following talking about Autism. So that's how I wrote it in the blog post. I guess she probably has her facts and opinions like everyone. I just think everyone probably processes and reacts to it differently.

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    Didn't get a chance to comment yesterday… While I don't have a gluten intolerance, I did cut it out completely when we were having issues trying to conceive at the advice of my acupuncturist and OB. It's amazing how hard it is for our bodies to process gluten! I noticed a huge difference in how I felt and I try to keep our diets light in the gluten department even now.

    One thing (and I haven't done my own research on this but thought it was worth mentioning)… Consumer Reports just came out with a big article on the high amounts of arsenic in rice now. We saw it on the national news last week. I believe they recommended no more than one serving of rice cereal for babies PER WEEK – which was pretty shocking! We've never done rice cereal but obviously so many people do, so I found that really surprising. Again, I haven't looked into it myself, but I was definitely thinking about people who do rice cereal and also adults with CD who rely so heavily on rice products. I need to read more because we eat a ton of rice.

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    Such sweet, sweet babies!! I appreciate you sharing so much information about CD and GF…I do not have any of this (I don't think!), but from what I've read and I've been researching, I think we all could benefit from eliminating gluten..it has me thinking for sure!

    I actually like reading the things you are passionate about. It really opens my eyes to a lot of things..especially how you like to eat non-processed, and use organic cleaning products, etc to keep your house and family chemical free. I am slowly moving in that direction & it's because of so many blogs that I read bring me to awareness!!

    Have a great day, Megan! I love your positive outlook on life!

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    I agree about the sensitivity. Once I went gf if I had a minute bit of gluten I would be sick for 4 hours, ill spare you the details but it was worse than labor!! Needless to say I was super super careful! Now that my body is healing after being gf for over a year my body isn't as sensitive. If I accidentally have gluten I get a headache but haven't experienced getting sick like before so that's good news. I hear its common to get really sensitive to it at first and the. It goes away after awhile.

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    Hi there, you might find the podcasts from the Nutritional Weight and Wellness site useful, they are excellent and a lot of the practioners on there have kids too and there are quite a lot of episodes about gluten free for babies and adults, as well as stories about changes and benefits. It really is a different world. One word of caution though =- sugar. It plays havoc with hormones, as I think you indicated on your post yesterday in relation to PCOS, id cut that out too if you can. Anoter great resources is The Harcombe Diet, either the book or the website, although there is a weightloss element to it, its also about eating real food/paleo style and goes into the research on the development of our modern diet and how its doing us more harm that good. Good luck with it all, it will be amazing to see the changes I promise!

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    My brother had a lot of behavioral issues and wet the bed until my parents put him on a very strict diet at the age of 14 (which included gluten-free) and his personality changed completely and he stopped wetting the bed. First time we realized what a nice kid he really was! My 4 year old nephew has an incredibly hard time controlling his emotions (he'll swing from bouncing off the walls happy to screaming, violent tantrums within seconds). His mom had him tested for allergies and he didn't show any, but she put him on a dairy-free, gluten-free diet anyways and within a week, he was much more calm.

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    He Megan! I read your blog all the time and love it! I have wanted to comment for a while but keep forgetting. My son is 17 months old and has horrible excema. I am not sure if you use milk or not but we found that one thing that sets him off is milk or anything with milk in it. Cheese does not do anything to him but if we make Mac and Cheese with regular milk he always has a reaction. So things like ice cream are also out :( N-E-Way we use Almond milk and his skin is looking great. Just thought I woould let you know

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    Check out paleoparents.com. They have 3 small children and have adapted a gluten free and dairy free lifestyle. The changes they saw in their young boys are much like the changes others have commented about (skin issues, behavior, etc). The mom has celiac disease. Joy to you.

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    Hi Megan. I tweeted you several days ago and gave you my mom's Blogger, http://www.gracwfullyglutenfree.blogspot.com she posts a bunch of great recipes, and she is a southern cook. 😉 I also wanted to comment that through my family's journey with this, I have learned a ton, and it sounds like you are blessed with a gem of a doctor!! She is spot on to everything that I know. My grandma (mom's mother) had the disease, and never knew. You know it was never diagnosed until a few years ago. Anyway, her body eventually just shut down, and she passed away. 1 doctor figured it out about 3 months before she died, but it was too late. Her organs were so damaged and not able to function anymore. So it is in the genes. From what I understand, K & S should get blood tested later on and they should be able to tell from that. It was dormant in my mom until her 30s (though she always had migraines?) but doesn't show up in my bloodwork, PTL. Will be thinking of you, and look forward to hearing how much better you feel after changing your diet!

    Sorry for the book I just wrote. Ha!

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    Megan did your gyno do the testing or a general physician? I have had the EXACT same symptoms as you since after the birth of my daughter. I nursed for about 11 months and just assumed the feelings were hormones adjusting and the stress on my body. I thought the fatigue was just a new baby and that it would get better. My daughter is now almost 2 and the symptoms were/are still here. I have talked with my gyno and we have tried a few things to improve them, but I have not seen a major difference. I am very interested about your diagnosis because I have an Uncle with a sensitivity.

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