A day away….

Yesterday morning I flew to Dallas for the day. I went to celebrate a sweet friend’s birthday :) It was actually a surprise brunch and Mary was very surprised! It was so nice and she was so emotional. I think everyone at the table probably cried once she started, haha!

We were supposed to be home by 9:30 last night, but our flight was delayed twice so I don’t think I walked in the house until after midnight. I’m a bit exhausted today, but it was VERY VERY worth it. Me and three other girls went and it was fun getting to hang with them, Mary and meet new girls, too.

This was also my first day away from the babies. I know, 13 months, haha. I leave for a few hours here and there, but I’ve never done a full day and evening. I missed them, but Brent sent pics and we did video chat with Tango at bedtime. My mom hung out with them while Brent worked from home, so they were in good hands all day.


Tallee put together these sweet party favors :) She ordered the bottle labels off Etsy (not sure the seller) and I asked Heather, from Embellishology, to do the tags on the vase. They turned out great! One of our other friends did the invite.

I was also pretty excited that Taverna happens to be one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas. Brent was a bit jealous.

Tallee did this collage on her phone and I thought it was cute. I think someone got a video of Mary walking in and it’s pretty priceless!

This is one of the pics Brent sent me :)

{and no, that spill proof (seen-on-tv) bowl thing doesn’t work..at least not at this age. the Munchkin ones (in Knox’s hand) typically do for us, though!}

Happy Friday :)


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    Watch the bottom corners on the 'no spill bowl'! It fell out of our cabinet one day and caught my two year old right beside her eye and she needed stitches :(. When I realized how sharp it was, it went right in the trash!

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    Everything turned out so nice! I love the flowers!

    I learned about those bowls early on. they actually work better with larger pieces of food. TnT however, can make a pretty good mess with the munchkin cups too. They turn them upside down and shake them until the cheerios come out. I've just gotten to the point of, "whatever". LOL

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    We have one of those bowls too. I was so excited when we received it as a gift and then I realized they really don't work. Yet I still keep trying it with a glimmer of hope each time. Not even kidding.

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