Each month, I took pictures of the babies with their montly stickers on their onesie. I aimed to do it right on the 19th each month, but most months it was on a different day. Sometimes I was even a week or so off.

At some point I’m going to set up my labels and archives where I can access those posts more easily, but for now, I thought I would do a post with a picture from each month :)

Also, I’m having a hard time letting the party decor go. I figure why not keep it up around the house…you know, at least until their “birthday month” passes, haha.

The older they have gotten, the harder it is to get them to stay put on the couch and leave the sticker on their onesie. They prefer to face dive off the couch and eat the sticker.

Eight Months

Nine Months

Twelve Months

I think month five might be my favorite. They look like baby dolls.

I realized that I forgot to post their eight and nine month posts. I think they are saved as drafts. As you can probably gather by the picture, Knox wasn’t much into pics during months eight and nine. His skin was flared and he was itchy. I still tried to do the posts though. The twelve month pic isn’t actually the one I will probably keep for this set, but it was one I took last week and I thought it was cute. I still have the twelve month onesie stickers in the drawer, but I suppose I’ll give in this week and make it that much more official…as if it isn’t already :( haha.

Love :)

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    I love 9 months. Perfect for a caption about "he took my sticker!!" As for the party decor, hey, I'm a mom, but that looks like great year round kitchen decor to me. I say leave it up indefinitely!!

  2. says

    They are so cute! We still do the monthly stickers (just turned 17 months) and my trick with the sticker so she doesnt take it off- I put it ON the shirt first when she isnt looking, THEN I put the shirt on her, so she doesnt see me put the sticker on the shirt. This will take more time with 2, but maybe they wont notice it right away so you have time to snap pics :)

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