Radio Flyer

I got so busy yesterday and Knox wasn't up for an afternoon nap, so I apologize for not getting more sale stuff up! I need to update the sale from yesterday. I think most things have sold, but there may be one or two left. I do have the maternity clothing pics uploaded. I just need to do the post.

In the meantime, I wanted to post these cute pictures of Knox & Sloane in their first Radio Flyer. My parents got it for them for their birthday and they love it! We go around the house and back and forth to the mailbox. I think we will start going around the neighborhood soon. We have a creek and lots of trees in our neighborhood so I'm a bit paranoid about West Nile, which is actually killing people around town :( I know, I'm paranoid.

We are getting quite a bit of rain this morning, which makes for a nice and cozy day.

Don't forget to take advantage of the 15% off discount code, given here, for Mar-L's Tams & Togs. Knox & Sloane love their outfits :)

Happy Friday :)


  1. TnT love their Radio Flyer wagon! We take rides around our property a lot. It's also been very useful in taking them to the park. We've also been a little worried about west nile. If I take them out it's usually in the morning since mosquitos tend to be out more at dusk.

  2. Too cute! An idea for the mosquito problem...OFF makes the clip on repellent...maybe you could attch one on the back of either side of the wagon? Just a thought!

  3. That wagon is adorable! You aren't the only paranoid mom, I've been so worried about west nile I almost never let the kids outside in the evening.

  4. Mosquito bites are the worst! No shame in being protective. My 2yo son is like me - the bites swell up HUGE and are horrible. Love the twins in the Red Flyer - so cute!!

  5. Sweet ride! :) I've been worried about West Nile too so we are avoiding going outside at dusk. I always get eaten up anyway. You are not paranoid, you're a good mama!


  6. Are those cup holders in the wagon and on the outside?! I must have one!
    I'm worried about West Nile and its not even happening here. I think its just normal for being a momma.

  7. Totally understandable about west Nile. I live in new England in the woods with a one year old (West Nile, EEE, and lyme disease are my concerns). I use a deet free insect repellant comprised of 100% natural plant ingredients (think clove oil, orange oil, etc) safe for baby. Also we don't go out at dusk or dawn. I usually just swat the bugs off. Its too nice outside to stay in :)

  8. You're not being paranoid about West Nile...you're being smart! It's nothing to mess around with! I love the wagon!!!:)


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