Officially a year, yes.

My little love bugs had their one year appointment yesterday. It kind of makes it seem more official now. It’s been a year since their arrival into this world and I’ve loved this year.

I promise I will to to start harping on this milestone soon, haha!

All went well at their appointment. They are both right on track :)

Sloane is almost 21 pounds and Knox is almost 19 pounds. They are both about a pound under what we thought, but right where they need to be. They definitely feel more heavy to us all the time.

They actually measured the same height, but it’s very obvious when they stand next to each other that Sloane is slightly taller.

Knox’s allergy test looked pretty clear. He has an allergy to bananas and a small one to milk, but it’s not too bad. He did a 21 day dose of steroids and his last dose was Saturday. His skin is still looking pretty good so we are hoping it stays that way. The doctors are thinking viruses trigger his skin, but overall he has some allergies and eczema. We are going to be doing a patch test in the near future.

We are going to get off forumla, thank goodness, and start almond milk. I got the okay on that from the Pediatrician and Pediatric Allergist. I had been thinking I really didn’t want to do cow’s milk for a while, and I’ve been debating almond or goat. I’m hoping we can start this next week so still a few days to decide which.

Knox has an appointment for his eye (Ptosis) again in a few months. He does look worse this week, but I think every few months it does because of growth spurts.

At a year:

– crawling super fast
– into everything
– when we say “come on, Knox, let’s walk”…he throws his hands above his head, smiles really big and – throws himself straight forward, falling down.
– he walks when holding onto things
– says “mama” “dada” and will mouth words I say, but not say a lot
– loves to ‘talk’ to Sloane while they are in their crib. he jabbers
– super ticklish.
– giggles a LOT
– eight teeth – going to see the dentist soon because his top palette is a little squeezed
– loves to clap and occasionally will blow kisses blows kisses
– a little picky on food, but is getting better all the time
– favorite food is probably vanilla greek yogurt
– favorite toy is drums, but he loves to stack things up
– loves for his daddy to hold him

– she is a clown. constantly laughing at things
– walking! she has been up and going for a few weeks, but just this week started going it everywhere
– gets shy around people and takes a while to warm up to people
– loves to pat her belly, blow kisses and calp
– she loves her grammy, a lot
– says “mama” “dada” and mocks just about anything else. she will say ball and book pretty good
– likes to headbutt..then laugh
– eight teeth, but I think she is close to more. she has her hand in her mouth non stop this week
– loves most food and eats fast
– favorite food is probably cheese quesadillas
– favorite toy might be her baby doll. she loves to give it kisses
– loves when her daddy gets home from work and immediately yells “dada”
– loves to Face Time on the phonw

Brent went with me to their appointment today. Let me tell you, I can’t imagine having been there alone. They were SO busy and ALL over the place.

Here Sloane is when we first arrived. I think she knew she was getting shots :(
Once we got home, they napped. Knox woke way before her, she slept a while. She was not a happy camper after her shots.  He was in a good mood when he woke….
When she woke, she wanted to brush hair.
I decided it was time to do their final onesie stickers. Twelve months. 
Well, I attempted to take some pictures. Sloane was mostly interested in her brush and Knox wanted to play with anything. 

:) :)

*Adorable rompers by Mary Kate’s Monograms.


  1. says

    First off, they are so precious and just get cuter and cuter!

    I love almond milk. My son mostly drinks cow's milk but I've been slipping it in his smoothies and stuff like that. I've heard yucky things about cow's milk, and I wish I could find reputable seller of organic raw milk. But then you have to worry about food poisoning if the cow isn't cleaned well. I think Almond milk is a good choice and it has tons of calcium.

  2. says

    Hey Megan have you ever read Anything about hemp milk ?? I was thinking about switching to that instead of cows milk when my boy turns one. It has as much protein as cows milk so that was one of the main reasons I was looking to try that. Ive seen it at whole foods they have a chocolate and vanilla flavor.

  3. says

    I know lots of peeps who do almond milk, but our family doesn't like it. My youngest has a sensitive tummy and we did goats milk for him from 1 yr to about 20 months. He's on cows milk just fine now but his tummy has gotten better with age. He did GREAT on goats milk. It was just so expensive- $5 for a quart and he went through two or so a week. But wanted to give a shout out to goats milk. It worked great for us! We eat a lot of goat cheese too. Yum!

  4. says

    Knox and Sloane are adorable. Happy 1st! So glad they are right on track and growing strong. A friend of mine swears by goat's milk but also includes almond milk in her girls' diets. Good luck and hooray for no more formula! :)

  5. says

    I guess his MRI was clean? I never saw. I just wanted to say we went of formula when Morgan was 16 months, she was a preemie and had trouble gaining so they had us keep her on it. She basically refused to drink whole milk and I knew I didn't want to do soy so we tried almond and she LOVES it! So much cheaper than formula! She would only use the ready to feed so it was adding up. (our #1 was on alimentum–OMG!) Good luck hope it's a smooth switch.

  6. says

    Wait til the 18 month appointment, I just told B there's no way I could have done it without him. Mine were running everywhere! Plus, trying to comfort one and hold the other still for shots would have been a nightmare!

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