Monday Musings

Another Monday is here! The only thing that means to me is that Brent left for work this morning to and we are a day closer to the big first birthday and party :)

I hope you all had a good weekend :)

  • Please keep my friend, Jane, in your prayers as her sister went to Heaven this weekend…actually her entire family. They’ve been on my heart since I heard. They are an amazing family.
  • We had a nice weekend. Friday night, I went with some friends to heart Elizabeth Smart speak. She is SUCH a strong girl! I may do a post on this soon because her story really gets one thinking.
  • Saturday, late morning, we went to a friends’ 30th birthday surprise party! It was lots of fun :)
  • Sloane has gotten the hang of walking on the carpet at home, but she’s not sure about other surfaces at other places. It’s pretty funny. 
  • Saturday evening we had Brent’s brother, sister and their significant others over for dinner, plus two friends. It was fun and we had delicious appetizers and we cooked salmon with a sauce that Emily had a recipe for. Very good!
  • These pictures are actually from last weekend, but this is Brent’s brother, actually stepbrother, and his girlfriend, Emily, that I make mention of quite a bit. We love hanging out with them :)
  • Yes, I kind of have Ptosis like Knox. 
  • Speaking of Emily, how funny is this picture she has of Knox as her phone wallpaper? I need to do a “many faces of Knox” post soon. 
  • Sunday, we were going to do the babies one year pics, but they were both feeling under the weather.  Fevers on and off, stuffy noses, etc. I’m hoping it’s a quick virus. Sloane seems to be better today; Knox still has a runny nose and coughs, but only when he’s lying in his crib.
  • Knox’s MRI is scheduled for Wednesday. We had pre-op last week and I almost lost it when they were talking to me about his sedation and IV and such. A bit nervous to see another one of my babies at the hospital, hooked up : / 
  • I made a trip to the post office this morning. I’m not sure why I always dread it. The ladies at the one my our house are always SO nice and helpful.
  • Shipping stuff and getting tracking is time consuming and adds up. I suppose if I do it more regularly, it wouldn’t hurt to get a scale and learn how to do it all from home. Any advice/tips on that?
  • I almost have everything ready to go for the party. Only a few little things I need to pick up and finalize. I can’t wait to see the kiddies in these :)
  • I picked out the paint color, tile, carpet, etc. for Brent’s new building/office. I hope they like it! They are due to move into it soon. This is great news all around because he will be much closer to home instead of a 20 minute commute to work and 20 minutes coming home. Lunch dates will be easier, too :)
  • I’ve had a few people ask, and I should have indicated, the car seats in my previous post are Britax Boulevard 70CS. We are really liking them.
  • Last weekend, Sloane and I went to a few flea type markets. There were just a few things I might not be able to live without. I keep thinking about them. Of course I took their picture so I could ponder just how bad I need them. 
  • I have a few sponsors I wanted to mention.

–Shannon, who is a Stella & Dot Stylist did a fundraiser for Cohen’s iPods and advertised for several months. She is currently having a sample sale. You can purchase by emailing her . All shipping is $5. Shannon has quite a few pieces, but wanted to start with these and see how they sell.

—-My Advocare sponsor, Christie, is giveaway away a free bottle of ThermoPlus with every 24-day challenge purchase.  Christie said, “The 24-day challenge is a great way to get started losing weight, and
provides total nutrition!”

—My Pink Zebra sponsor, Leslie, wanted me to let you all know that you can add sprinkles to any warmer and that the scents can be mixed to any combination that you would like!

  • I’ll periodically post specials and reviews for my sponsors, so be on the lookout for those :)
  • The favorite thing about my house today? Fresh flowers….

I’ll be posting the giveaway winner for last week’s giveaway this evening!

Have a good day :)

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    For shipping things – could you use those flat rate boxes, so you don't have to guess on the cost? I think they will even deliver the boxes and then pick them up from the house.

  2. says

    Buy a cheap food scale at Walmart and print your shipping labels from PayPal. You can ship first class, priority, or express and delivery confirmation is 19 cents. Search for poly mailers in amazon or eBay. Much easier and quicker than running to the post office. Just put them in your mail box.

  3. says

    I'm guessing the MRI is for his eye? I think you mentioned him maybe having to have it surgically corrected. Praying for all of you!♥

  4. says

    Saying a prayer for Knox's MRI. Connor had one in June & I was a mess. It only lasted about 30 minutes though so that was good. Be prepared for grouchiness after anesthesia. 😉

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    I'm so excited to see your party details come together. Knox and Sloane are going to look so adorable in western wear! Praying for everything to go smoothly for the MRI and for you to have a calm heart.

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